What people say

Water Divining

A few years back I had the good fortune to meet this wonderful person together with his partner Sarah. In this short introduction (video), he relates how he dowsed for my well in Bella Coola without even needing to travel to the property. To my own disbelief, the iinformation he provided ended up being not only correct but absolutely correct right down to precise depth. If you’re interested in a dynamic energy healer of the land and the human spirit and happen to be in the North Shuswap, this is the person to call.

Marian Hallie, Bella Coola

Hand Trembling Stopped

I just phoned to let you know that the hand trembling that I have had for several months has seemed to entirely disappeared and my energy has definitely improved.

Pat, Salmon Arm, B.C.

 Blocked Water Pipes

My friend phoned me for assistance because her water stopped running in the middle of the winter. I asked whether the blockage was in the main town line or in the water line into the house. Tyhson dowsed that the blockage was 17 feet out from the foundation wall. When the plumber unfroze the line the blockage was 17 feet from the wall.

Heinz, Salmon Arm, B.C, Winter 2012

Energy Alignment

When I was offered Tyhson help and support, I was very much unbalanced; physically, emotionally and as well out of alignment energy wise. It was an amazing experience for me that and how Tyhson in only one session supported me to shift all the imbalances. My chakras and my energy flow were functioning again the way they suppose to. I felt emotionally way more at ease then before and also the heaviness and stiffness of my body were completely gone.

Beside the healing effect working with Tyhson was a real pleasure for me. I really do admire his professionalism combined with his wisdom which he always gladly shared with me in a very humble way in more than one occasion. Emanating a lot of compassion and positive, caring and loving energy, makes it for me always very enjoyable to be in his presence.

For all this reason’s mentioned above, I highly recommend Tyhson to everybody. You have to experience it for yourself I guess, to understand the depth of my appreciation I feel for Tyhson

I am very grateful and enjoy having Tyhson in my life. For me he feels like the long lost brother who finally returned. Michael S. Salmon Arm, B.C. July 2010

Road Signs

I want to talk about Tyhson Banighen because he has been a part of my life for almost six years. While we all like to think we can figure things out for ourselves, and if we really listen to that little voice inside we can get the information we need. But the truth of the matter is that we are human and our wants, needs, and ego frequently reinforce our inability to make decisions that are best for us. That’s where Tyhson comes in.

Over the years he has guided me, helped me to make decisions, answered questions-even if I didn’t always like the answers, and sometimes expressed options I didn’t even know I had. I’m pleased to publically thank him from the bottom of my heart, and to recommend his services for those who are also in between “road signs” in their life. MDL, Salmon Arm July 2012

Rebirthing Experience

Tyhson’s explanations and demonstration of pendulum work has opened a huge window of personal consciousness for me. My session included enabling me to come completely into my body for the first time in this life; he has “rebirthed” me and made my present home that birthplace. I was also amazed to the extent that so many ancient traumas surfaced and were effortlessly cleared in this one session. Sarah Roer, Sunnybrae, B.C.

Clearing of long term negative conditions

Tyhson was able, through his keen innate intuitive abilities, to source and clear several long term negative conditions which have held my soul, spirit and being limited in this life time. It was a great relief to finally clear this negative hold and be able to more fully express the true nature of my being. Tyhson is gentle and caring, experienced and wise, with a genuine listening nature. The combination of Tyhson’s skill and natural gifts with the questions developed make for a speedy, resourceful, and healing resolve. I have felt more personal freedom and empowerment since my session with Tyhson. The Pendulum Clearing is a modality that can shift and uplift all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with grace and ease. I continue to utilize this technology in my daily life. In profound gratitude. Alaria K Baes, Delta, B.C.

How to Use a Pendulum

I quite appreciated Tyhson’s help with the in’s and out’s of using the pendulum. I found it to be a useful tool to quickly clear away unwanted energies and to identify solutions to problems in my energy field. I highly recommend the pendulum; especially for those who may sometimes be less sensitive to the guidance the universe would have us know. It can give us clear affirmations to our questions and point us in directions we may not have considered. Roger Joyeux, Calgary, Alberta