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Sexual and Physical Abuse, Disassociation and Reintegration

Relationships offer us the biggest opportunities for learning lessons in life, for discovering who we are, what we fear, where our power comes from, and the meaning of true love. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross I have adapted the work, On Grief and Grieving by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to help understand the healing process that is necessary to release …

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Ho’oponopono Prayer

I am sorry  This statement opens the door to atonement. The moment you take responsibility for everything positive or negative that manifests in your life you experience or witness the negative as an opportunity for healing. The apology is not directed to the Creator. The Creator is Spirit and does not need nor care about apologies. The apology …

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Star Walking

Star Light, Star Bright Once upon a time there was a young aboriginal girl, who, in this writing shall go by the name Star. She was living a life that had become all too common with her peoples. She was forced into work at home by physical abuse or threat of painful repercussion should she …

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