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Take Back Your Power Now

“Working with thousands of clients I have discovered  that  75% or more of the population has a 50% or greater drain on their bio-energy field due to EMFs and environmental factors and unresolved emotional issues.  If that is you, this means that no matter what you do to maintain your health such as exercising, drinking good …

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The Importance of Staying Connected With Your Higher Self

Your higher self is your soul consciousness, the non-physical part of you, the true you! It expresses creative inspiration through you and guides you through intuition and insight. Your higher self is also very aware of all your desires, hopes and dreams. Even though the physical you can never be separated from your higher self, …

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Energy Management to Improve your Life – Radio Interview

Energy Management to Improve Your Life – Tyhson Banighen  I was interview by Conscious Living Radio on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 6:00 PM (Click here to listen to the interview.)

Water Divining at Gateway 2 Ranch, August 1, 2009

Serah and I arrived at the Gatehouse at Gateway 2 Ranch in the hot mid-afternoon sun. Phoned up to the Farm House to let Liz and Billa know we had arrived. We had been asked to arrive early in order to dowse the neighbour’s land for water. So off we went to visit the neighbour. As we …

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What is dowsing?

Dowsing is an inner process, a conversation between the rational and intuitive self, the left and right sides of the brain working synergistically to communicate with each other. The rational brain is used to pose the question and the answer comes from the intuitive brain. Any dowsing tool such as a pendulum, bobber, L-rods or …

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