If you have eight or more people interested and you want to organize a workshop in your community phone Toll Free in Canada and the USA 1-866-369-7464  or email

 Beginner’s Dowsing & Energy Healing

Learn to energetically clear yourself or a client:

Come and learn:

  • Dowsing tools of the trade
  • Procedures before undertaking a dowsing session.
  • Why dowsing and energy medicine works.
  • Establish a baseline for yourself or a client.
  • Determine and transmute any outside and inside influences that may affect your well-being.
  • Change Beliefs.
  • Move Energy.
  • Soul Retrieval.
  • Create and use pendulum charts.
  • Create sacred space.

Intermediate Dowsing & Energy Healing

Learn to undertake advanced energetic work for yourself others

The following topics will be taught according to participants interests:

  • Radionics healing at a distance.
  • How to work with Assemblage Points.
  • How to adjust a tailbone.
  • Charge water for healing.
  • Determine the Truth Factor of What People Say or Write.
  • Determine whether you are taking the right vitamins and supplements.
  • Energy products to keep you in the zone.
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Geomancy
  • Geopathic Energy & Stress
  • Map Dowsing for Water, Gas or Minerals

Advanced Dowsing & Energy Healing

  • How to Make and Use Remedies (homeopathic) and Tinctures (flower or gem essences)
  • Map Dowsing to Find Missing People or Objects
  • Geomantic Agriculture
  • Working with Elementals, Devas and other Kingdoms
  • Hands on Energy Healing Techniques
  • Turning Genes on or off.
  • Working with crystals and crystal skulls.
  • Energetic Products to help you stay in the zone.

$100.00 plus HST for a day long workshop  or $175.00 plus HST for a two day workshop

If you have eight or more people interested and want to organize a workshop in your community or if you want to register for a scheduled workshop phone 250 835-8236 or email tyhson@energydetective,ca