Temple Making

Temple Making

At the Spring Conference in 2007 at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. we attended Freddy Silva’s workshop, Creating Sanctuary and Portals. He is one of the world’s leading experts on crop circles, earth mysteries, and sacred space, and the best selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. Website: www.cropcirclesecrets.org

At the workshop he taught us how to construct a sanctuary right on the hotel meeting room carpet. He first asked permission from the Landscape Diva to proceed on the condition that after the workshop and dismantling that the energy lines would be put back where they were before he started. He then chose a sacred geometry pattern and then laid it out with a measuring tape and masking tape. When completed we placed our sacred objects into the pattern. We then activated it through forming a circle and using intention. With dowsing instruments we were then able to determine how the sacred geometry on the carpet generated waves of energy that rippled out into the landscape.

When we got home we decided to build own sanctuary or portal. We decided on a Mayan Morning Star Medicine Wheel which combines that attributes of a medicine wheel and an angelic wheel. The angelic wheel can be used to connect with the overarching angelic kingdom and ascended masters to assist us in our co-creative endeavours. The medicine wheel aspect can then be used to connect our hearts with the heart of Mother Earth so the co-creative generated waves of energy can be broadcast into the landscape and to her one, two and four legged inhabitant’s as part of her and our ascension process.

 Mayan Morning Star Wheel Layout

So far we have constructed two Mayan Morning Star Medicine Wheels the largest with a 60 feet diameter. At both we gathered friends and conducted ceremony to power up them up and connect them into the earth’s crystalline grids and the star grids.

We are available to construct a medicine wheel on your property. First we walk the land with you and dowse to determine the best site for the wheel. Once constructed, we then conduct a ceremony to activate it and show you how to be its caretaker and how to conduct your own ceremonies.

If you want to learn how to construct, maintain and use a temple, sanctuary, labyrinth or medicine wheels, it can be done on a one to one basis or as a workshop.

It takes a full day to construct a medicine wheel with the activation ceremony occurring at sunset depending on the size of the wheel and the distance required to obtain the appropriate local stones to construct the wheel.

Contact us if interested. We will walk the land with you, choose a site and negotiate a suitable price or energy exchange. Call 250 835-8236