Sacred Shuswap Outings

 Sacred Landscape Temple of the Shuswap

The Shuswap is one of 20 key heart chakra centers points for the angel of North America.

Marko’s Sacred Shuswap Map

The Slovenian artist and geomancer Marko Pogacnik visited the Shuswap Lake area of British Columbia from June 2 to 4, 2006. For the last 20 years, Marko has been a geomancer and writer undertaking earth healings with the assistance of the elementals, devas, and angelic kingdoms. You can visit his website

Invisible Layer of the Shuswap

Marko’s workshop on the Invisible Layer of the Shuswap opened participants to the experience of attuning and working with the unseen forces to heal and revitalize the landscape. The Angel of North America’s wings spread under the continent, and the Shuswap region is one of 20 out-breath centers that form that embrace. Therefore, when we work with the landscape elements of the Shuswap, we, in turn, invigorate the other Landscape temples—assisting with the birth or, in some cases, the rebirth of the New Americas. J.J. Hurtak refers to this process in the Keys of Enoch as the Return of the Dove.

Mt Ida: The Sphinx

Mt Ida: The Sphinx

The Invisible Layer of the Shuswap with Marko tour started with viewing Mt. Ida from Little Mountain. Mt. Ida is the ancient remnants of an old volcano core sacred to the First Nations as a place of vision quests and an entrance to the inner earth. Marko saw Mt. Ida as a Sphinx, an ancient library for the regeneration of deceased souls.




At Rosemond Lake, the message was my name meant the mound or world of the rose. I am the Alchemical Queen. I am the yoni of the landscape.

At Gardom Lake, we undertook earth healing to begin to undo a shamanic spell that had cast a web inhibiting the function of this sexual charka of the landscape. The lake said I seek release with the consummation of the sacred marriage between Mt Bastion the yoni and Mt. Ida the lingam. I await your assistance to become fully awakened to this sacred marriage and its consummation.

Mount Bastion: The Heart Chakra

Mount Bastion: The Heart Chakra

Mt Bastion, the Heart plexus of the landscape, constantly revitalizes the life forces of the environment and imbues them with the love vibration of Mother Earth, which is a quality that life cannot dismiss without peril. The heart center continually draws in the forces of the environment, renews them and sends them out again.



White Lake is the landscape’s crystal skull, with the wisdom of the Book of the Dead held in its waters. The dead from many dimensions depart through the lake’s inner spiral and enter to be cleansed by Mt. Bastion. In preparation for entering the library of the Sphinx. Mt. Ida, to prepare for the next level of evolution. White Lake said, I transport beings of all dimensions through my vulva to the Heart of the Mother (Bastion Mt.) for purification and to bring forth new life.

Sacred Shuswap Outing

July 30, 31 and August 1

Retrace the steps we took with Marko Pogacnik and discover the Sacred Landscape Temple of the Shuswap. Commune and play with devas, elementals, and the angelic kingdom. This 3-day event is on July 30, 31 and August 1. We will visit and commune with the heart chakra, the Sphinx, the place of the skulls, the angel points of the sacred landscape temple, plus First Nation sacred sites and learn how to work with garden and greenhouse devas. For more information, check out the Sacred Shuswap Outing Contact Tyhson Banighen at 250 803-2480