As a geomancer I use my energy detective skills to read the body of the earth using L-rods, a pendulum and sometimes a bobber.

Geomantic Mapping

Using these skills I locate potable water, blockages in underground pipes and lost objects for clients. I also use these skills to prepare Geomantic Maps of the energy lines, vortexes and other sacred aspects of clients’ landscapes or property.

The goal is to enhance the lands beneficial healing prosperities and to design human structures in harmony with nature. This involves communing with the overarching landscape angel, devas and nature spirits of place to assist in locating or creating sacred places and sites.

Medicine Wheels

I also work with my partner Serah Roer to build stone Mayan Morning Star Wheels. These wheels create a special energy vortex that integrates the spiritual realm of an Angel Wheel with the earthly physical realm of a Medicine Wheel. We also conduct ceremony at these and other sacred sites.

Crystal Skull Caretakers

Both Serah Roer and  I are crystal skull caretakers – my companion is a 4 inch citrine crystal skull called Serpent Rainbow Joe. He has a gorgeous fan like inclusion in the back of its skull that reflects rainbows and another inclusion separating one eye from the other. Serah’s is a 2 inch fluorite crystal skull called Beau Vert that she uses to channel.  Our new 4 inch black crystal skull called Cosmos has joined us from Guatemala. These skulls are used as companions to conduct ceremonies, initiations and hearings.

To learn more about how crystal skulls came into Tyhson’s life read Coconino: The Crystal Skull Mentor and to learn more about how Serpent Rainbow Joe arrived read Further Adventures with Crystal Skulls in the Journal.