As a dowser I use a pendulum in sessions to discover why you may  feel blocked or need insight into a personal situation or health related matter.

A Wellness Session can help clear any obstacles and realign you so you can take the next step with ease and grace.

Sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour and one half and cost S100.00 an hour

I have been a dowser and geomancer for many years and have been inspired by many dowsers and teachers including Raymon Grace, Ian Xel Lungold, Slim Spirling and I continue to be inspired by Tony Heath, Ivan McBeth, Freddy Silva, Merlin Beltain and to all those that present and attend the Canadian Society of Questers (CSQ) Fall and Spring Conferences. I thank all of you for inspiring me to continue to learn more and practice my craft for the betterment of the earth and her inhabitants. For more information on the CSQ visit the web site