What is a diviner?  A Diviner foretells, or knows by inspiration, intuition, or reflection through the art of divination. As a diviner I divine or locate (underground water, gas, oil or minerals) with a divining rod, which in my case are a pair of L-rods (see picture) or sometimes I use Y-rods to practice the art of  divination. For more information see articles on divining.




People call me as a Divinier to locate:

  • sweet water
  • underground blockages and breakages in water lines
  • geopathic stress lines that adversely affecting their health
  • correct or move non-beneficial energy or leylines that run through bedrooms, offices, houses and properties
  • cancel the influence of electromagnetic energy EMFs on humans, animals and plants
  • map underground water courses, energies at sacred sites, archaeological ruins
  • anything else that has to do with the flow or blockage of underground earth energies or man made underground structures or infrastructures,

For assistance give me a call 250 835-8236