Dowsing & Energy Tools

Dowsing & Energy Tools

John Living, a retired engineer in his 80’s, has designed a number of effective dowsing and energy healing tools.which are now made by Tyhson Banighen.


Glass-Pendulums-150x150Coloured Glass Bead pendulums of various colours with various string colours For more information and to purchase click here
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Ptah  pendulums-named after the Egyptian series- Isis, Osiris- one coil- and now Ptah Pendulums- two coils of either coated copper or regular copper wire. The large coil is is Negative –Yin, female for the extraction of non beneficial energies in an  anticlockwise movement. while the smaller coil is positive or Yin, male which bring in beneficial energies when spun  in a clockwise direction.
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smallPtah-Pendulum-Set-150x150Tiny Ptah Pendulums are miniature copper versions.
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BobberFoldSellBobbers are created with ballpoint pen cases and speedometer cable wire, ingeniously attached, some retractable and others ready to go! For more information and to purchase click here


lrodsL rods come in three sizes and have comfortable handles of wooden beads to make the wire able to move easily.
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Slim Sperling -another renowned Master Dowser who recently passed, left much knowledge about copper wire, rings and vibrational knowledge.  He found that all wire has a negative and a positive end.  So completing a circuit with both ends and winding the wire into spirals makes for tools that can do many things.  Like the rings with a film of soap for making bubbles, a copper spiraled ring can be used to clear each horizontal slice of the aura by pulling the ring down the body with intent to feel any blockages and clear them with the copper.


ringsa1-300x300Bracelet, neck ring, cup, water jug, plate, leg, knee and a ring to sleep on are all ways to use this copper rings to energize and raise the Angstrom or Bovis  reading in the body or the food. The wire has a plastic tube to protect the wearer and anything else from the verdigris that copper makes as it ages. For more information on Energy Healing tools and to purchase click here




globe-300x300The Energy Globe is a series of eight copper energy rings that are made into a globe and hang with an Osiris Pendulum in the middle.  This has been found to be effective when used in the doorway or rooms of homes to remove negative energy that is attracted into the coil from underneath the globe and cleared by the copper rings.  It has a 3 mile radius of effectiveness.  Can be used for plants and animals too. For more information and to purchase please click here


Another aspect of the Holistic Intuition Society is the collection of DVDs made of Master Dowsers’ seminars presented at Holistic Intuition Society conferences. These are available for you to buy and enjoy the information to learn some of the history of Dowsing up to the present day and to see how many ways people can use the tools  to help and add to their own repertoire of dowsing skills. To purchase DVDs and Downloads click here


ptahThe PTAH SYMBOL is the two triangles –male and female- intertwined red and green, symbolizing the Egyptian- PATH, PATER, PETER, PA.  From The Book of the Dead, we learn thatThe Miracle Human joins Heaven and Earth, Holy Spirit and Soul, Mind and Matter.  We are able to relate to our Higher Self, we are GODS IN TRAINING as well as being ANIMAL ENTITIES.

The BEINGS UPSTAIRS- like angels and Elohim, don’t have brains and a body etc. We are their computer, their memory and thought processes. We are here to help those BEINGS UPSTAIRS.  INTUITION and LOVE have been given to us to help us to become better Gods in Training and correct all the shocking effects of the past man made mistakes on this Beautiful Earth.

John has also published books on dowsing and energy healing. John believes that everything on the planet is made up of TINY BABY ENERGIES that we can talk to and they will respond with delight!  SUBATOMIC PARTICLES  are able to think and love like we can.  Radionics works this way.   We need to remember that they work if we ASK the right question, if we are GRATEFUL and send them LOVE! For more information on books by John Living and other authors and to purchase please click here

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