Category: Crystals

Crystal Orb & The Tao

The orb (crystal ball) has the vibration of the ineffable Tao – beyond all intellectual understanding. To be one with the Tao is to know feel and taste oneness – no separation of self from other. All is one, there is no other but a reflection of the one in other, like infinite fractal waves …

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Beau Vert on Crystals

Crystal Information received by Serah Roer from Beau Vert Tuesday Feb 15th 2010 12.25pm Beau Vert is a 2 inch high fluorite crystal skull  that Serah uses to connect to her higher self. Q. From Miguel Angels Mayan reading in Mexico it appears that crystal skulls are in my cards and that I could work with them and the crystal …

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The Crystal Textbook

 by S. Roger Joyeux. The Crystal Textbook is the perfect reference tool for those needing in depth information that comes directly from source. Roger Joyeux has the ability to talk with the essence of any stone without interference from intellect or emotion. This important book has been many years in the construction. No stone has been left …

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