The Holistic Intuition Society


The Symbol of Ptah, the Mark of Vishnu, the Seal of Solomon, the Sign of the Heart Chakra
– they are all the same:

A green triangle of Spiritual Love and a pink triangle of Physical Love intermingled
– the joining of Heaven and Earth, of Spirit and Soul, of Mind and Matter….

It is the Logo of the Holistic Intuition Society.

We are back from a Thanksgiving 2012 trip to the Coast which included visiting John Living on Galliano Island a Master Dowser

John who is hale and hardy and in his 80’s decided to turn over the running of the Holistic Intuition Society to myself and my partner Serah Roer.

There is a wealth of dowsing and clearing information, books, dowsing tools and DVDs to purchase on the Holistic Intuition Society web site so check it out.

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