Assemblage Point Adjustment

assemblagepointThe Human Assemblage Point is a vortex running through the center of the human chest and upper back where the vibrations of our energy radiate out to make up our aura or electromagnetic field. When the Assemblage Point is in the optimal position, the energy flows, fans out and surrounds us as it should and we enjoy good health. Our systems are in balance and harmony. When the point has shifted outside it’s proper position, the energy flow shifts and our health suffers. Not only our health but we are out of synchronization with all that there is. In that the Assemblage Point is the spot where all of the body vibrations meet and harmonize with the our physical, mental state and the energy of the universe.

A sign that your Assemblage Point is out of alignment is that you may start feeling lethargic, anxious or unwell and have trouble coping with life in general.

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We have also discovered that traumatic abuse can alter the Assemblage Point which sometimes can be permanently corrected by an exorcism of possession. For more information click here.


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