Unleash the Inner Athlete

Determined an athlete is ready to startDuring a recent podcast on Blog Talk Radio, I was interviewed by Layla Starchild of Velocity Athletic Training. The topic of discussion was, how to “Unleash the Inner Athlete.”

There are four major points to take under consideration, if an athlete wants to  improve performance and master the “inner game.”


  1. “VeHow” (Training Regimen) This is the avenue that most athletes tend to focus on. The 10,000 hours of practice that makes for perfection, a quality diet of nutritionally sound food, good quality alkaline water for hydration and protein and other supplements for strength and endurance. But, in the overall scheme of things, all this effort only accounts for only a 10% gain in athletic performance.
  2. “We How” ( The “Team” ) The right team is also necessary, and may include a personal trainer, coach, massage therapist, etc. While this is also important, it only accounts for a 25% increase in athletic performance.
  3. Be How ( Inner Game Stuff) Once you have mastered the “V How” and the “We How” the “Be How” is what you truly need to implement to achieve a 75% gain in athletic performance. To release the inner athlete, one must release the psychological and spiritual trauma that is draining your bio-energy system. Statistics have shown that 75% of the population has some major drain in their bio-energy field, due mainly to physical or emotional trauma and in most cases this bio-energy drain accounts for 50% or more loss in one’s personal energy.
  4. Maintain your personal power, no matter what! This involves learning how to align yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so you can enter and stay in “the zone”  of  “no mind”. This is the sweet spot where whatever you are doing becomes effortless and only then will you have released the inner athlete.

If you are ready NOW to unleash your inner athlete, phone for a FREE 30 minute consultation. Call Toll Free in North America 1-866-369-7464 or Worldwide 1-250 835-8236 The full podcast is available to listen to at http://tobtr.com/s/6064903. #BlogTalkRadio

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