It is all about Energy…

It is all about energy…

We are all energy, and our energy affects everyone around us. We are also affected by the energy (positive or negative) of everyone we come into contact with every day. Also, our bio-energy field is constantly being bombarded by more than 2,700 man made interrupters such as, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) such as Wi Fi, microwave, cell phones, smart meters etc. which leads to stress, pain, dis-ease and disorder.

Each thought, feeling and emotion is also energy, so if self limiting beliefs, negative emotions and false perceptions are keeping you at a low vibrational level, this will not only affect your health and happiness, it will also affect what you attract into your life and keep you from realizing the life of your dreams.

Change your energy, to where you are vibrating at a higher frequency and you will change every aspect of your life for the better!

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