Grounding for Relief From Chronic Pain and Stress

grounding_breathDid you know you can relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, thin your blood, enhance well-being and much, much more just by “grounding” or “earthing,” which is basically connecting with the healing energies of the earth! The earth is like a huge battery that is continually being recharged by the sun, lightning and internal heat from the earth’s core. These pulses of energy are helping to keep all plant, animal and human life healthy and in balance.

Unfortunately because modern man tends to wear plastic or rubber soled shoes as we go about our daily activities, we are effectively disconnecting ourselves from the earth’s natural electron flow. Also, our bio-energy field is constantly being bombarded by more than 2,700 man made interrupters such as, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) such as Wi Fi, microwave, cell phones, smart meters etc. Since the majority of us live and work inside buildings, we are not allowing our body to discharge this electromagnetic charge, which leads to stress, pain, dis-ease and disorder. According to my clients’ testimonials, these EMF’s are adversely disrupting their well-being leading to stress, lack of sleep, chemical sensitivities, allergies and heart palpitations to name a few.

How to ground
Walking barefoot on the Earth causes free electrons to be transferred from the Earth’s surface into your body, which then spread throughout your tissues, providing beneficial effects.

Just like eating right, regular exercise and getting adequate sleep are important to keep us healthy and feeling our best; grounding is yet another lifestyle habit we should add to help ensure optimal health.

What I can do to Help You
As an “energy detective” my specialty is to determine what is going on in your energy field. I do this by dowsing. As a Master Dowser, I will look for a number of factors that might be adversely impacting you such as:

  • Poor grounding
  • EMF sensitivities.
  • Petro-chemical or other chemical sensitivities
  • Molds
  • Fungus
  • Possession problems
  • Other problems.

I then create a personally designed protocol, that if followed will change your life! To book your FREE half hour session  click here.


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