The Importance of Staying Connected With Your Higher Self

Realms of Human MindYour higher self is your soul consciousness, the non-physical part of you, the true you! It expresses creative inspiration through you and guides you through intuition and insight. Your higher self is also very aware of all your desires, hopes and dreams. Even though the physical you can never be separated from your higher self, many of us tend to ignore this valuable aspect of ourselves and dismiss our gut feelings, hunches or premonitions, all to our detriment. By only trusting our physical senses to guide us, we start to erode our connection with our higher self. However, if you can fully embrace the idea that you are more than just your physical self you are well on your way to reconnecting with your higher self. Those amazing sparks of creativity and flashes of genius and intuitive guidance can once again become a part of your life if you learn to quiet your mind and allow them to come forth unimpeded.

Try to make a daily habit of saying hello to your higher self. The more you talk to your higher-self and tune in to what it is telling you the more it will guide you on your life’s path. Learn to listen to and trust those gut feelings and premonitions that seem to come up out of nowhere, and give them credence. You can also use meditation to access your true self. By learning to practice meditation daily you can learn to quiet the mind chatter, enter the silence and hear that still, small voice.

Learning to dowse with a pendulum is another method of tuning in to our higher, intuitive self, so we can allow it to guide us in our daily decision making.

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