Part 1: Personal and Planetary Transformation

earthHeal Yourself. Heal the Planet.

You are probably aware that we and planet earth as well as our solar system are going through major evolutionary changes right now. Since the end of the Mayan era Dec 21st, 2012, has come and gone it seems as if everything my life and probably yours has just continued to speed up. It is like riding an emotional roller coaster with emotional higher highs and lower lows.

As the amount of star and planetary alignments increase forming sacred geometry in the heavens the amount of new cosmic energy that we are being bombarded with has increased significantly.  As a result the electromagnetic field of the earth as well as our own bioenergetic field are being radically altered. Some say we are moving from being carbon based beings to silicon based or light beings. Our earth bodies and light bodies are merging to become a new way of being human.

The same is happening to earth. As the cosmic frequencies intensify the collective unconsciousness, the human trauma, which is locked into the earth crust, called geopathic stress has begun to loosen. The resulting waves of emotions being released can be overwhelming at times and can create all sorts of symptoms like fatigue, memory glitches, body temperature variations, heart palpitations, etc.

This in turn can result in increased stress, duress or pain.  Here is an exercise to help you stay in your body, and ground to the earth so you better weather the storms of energy as they pass through you and around you.

First of all try and stay out of your mind.The situation we are in is not something we can think our way through, but rather it something we can feel our way through. So it is best to stay centered in your heart.Do not try and fix anything, change anything, or make any emotion go away, but rather just feel where the stress, duress or pain resides in your body.

The exercise

  • Put your hand over the place where you feel the most energy.
  • Now breathe into it and sigh on the exhale.
  • Now do two more deep breaths and continue to sigh on the exhale.
  • Now reach into your body with your fingers of light and “scoop up” the stress, duress or pain from wherever it’s located in your body, and pull it out with a corkscrew like motion.
  • Now lift it up this bundle of energy over your head with both hands and offer it to Source, Creator or God/Goddess as a gift.
  • Let the gift be taken and wait for a moment for a new gift to be offered.
  • Now open your arms wide over your head and scoop the new energy gift towards you as you pull it with hands together in a prayer.
  • Now pull this Divine energy down through your crown chakra, over your eyes and down the front of your body through each of your chakras as you bend over while at the same time imagining forcefully pushing any remaining stress into the earth.
  • Now as you come back up scoop up earth energy and reach up with your arms and offer it again to the sky.
  • Now breathe out while you bend over again “pushing” the stress energy back into the earth.
  • Repeat three times.
  • Now relax and begin to breathe normally.

If the symptoms do not dissipate after this exercise I suggest you phone toll free in North America for some assistance on how to clear and maintain your bio-energy field. 1-866-369-7464.

Be well

Tyhson Banighen your personal licensed Spiritual Healer



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