Basic Dowsing Questions & Answers

il_570xN.263093314Basic Dowsing Questions & Answers

Q      What is dowsing – Isn’t dowsing just a “Bob on a string” or a coat hanger shaped like an L-Rod?

A       Dowsing is a set of powerful beginner’s tools to access and strengthen one’s intuition. Dowsing is simply a collection of tools to enhance that process of tuning in quickly, effortless and accurately. As a result intuition increases and guidance begins to flow. What is important is to receive “device-less” guidance or higher information that is both accurate and reliable. That being said, on a higher level dowsing is a set of academical tools to focus ones attention and intent to bring about personal and planetary transformation. This is why our dowsing course is titled, Dowsing & Energy Healing for Personal and Planetary Ascension.


Q      Isn’t dowsing old school?

A       Because dowsing is a technology of transformation that is simple, straight forward and easily learned, it is a way to access the WHOLE Intuitive process of accessing guidance and higher information and that it is mostly DEVICE LESS  As a dowser and licensed spiritual healer I am interested in sharing cutting edge information about the whole field of vibration and experience that is 100% relevant to everybody with or without the DOWSING LABEL. The on-line Dowsing World Summit attracted a lot of attention so I would say dowsing is being rediscovered and interest and sales of energy healing and dowsing tools are taking off.


Q      I am a just beginning to learn how to dowse where should I start?

A       The key to successful dowsing is confidence, strong clear intentions and clear yes no questions. I suggest you write out your programming instructions clearly that will form your “system”, such as when I dowse I want to only receive answers from my Higher Self connected through to Source. Also write out who you want on your Light Team, i.e. those that you want to assist you from other dimensions such as guides, angels, guardian angels, ascended masters that are 100% from the light, totem animals, etc. I also suggest you read which gives a good overview of various dowsing tools and how to use them. Which tool you choose to use has a lot to do with personal preference as well as what you want to do with each dowsing instrument? I suggest you do not use the circle in the book as it is too complicated.  I suggest you download the Free eBook available here titled “How to Ask Questions and Get Answers” or order a hard copy for $5.00 US from  


Q.     How does the pendulum move to indicate a Yes or No?  How do I clear non beneficial energy and then bring in new beneficial energy?

A.     When I use a pendulum I start by swinging it to and fro from my belly button out in a neutral position which is a 45 degree angle or halfway between a yes (straight out from my belly button) and a no (at a 90 degree angle) I then let the pendulum move on its own to either a yes or no answer.  For me this allows me to move through a series of numbered questions very quickly. Spinning the pendulum is a different action for me which is either counterclockwise to clear or clockwise for bring in new energy.  Unlike John Living and other dowsers I do not use a clockwise rotation for yes and a counterclockwise rotation for no. Either way is fine but it is important to decide what your dowsing protocol and signals mean and then stick to them so you get reliable consistent answers.


    • james on September 27, 2018 at 2:53 pm
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    I seemed to have located a large pool of water, both rods turn in . before I go through the entire distance both rods suddenly turn out for about four steps, and then turn back to pointing in. I do not know what to make of it. james

    1. When both rods turn in that is the edge of the water and when the open for 4 steps you are moving through the width of the water flow and when they turn out again you have reached the far edge of the water flow.

    • gayathri sammangi on January 6, 2019 at 1:48 pm
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    Dowsing in energy lose

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