Part 3 – Personal to Planetary Transformation

earthHeal Yourself.  Heal the Planet

Heal Yourself.  Heal the Planet

As mentioned in Part1 as the energy of the planet rises due to stellar alignments discarnate beings trapped in geopathic stress zones where wars and other traumas have occurred are being released and our trying to return to the light to continue their soul’s journey.

The possibility of being bothered by disincarnate beings has greatly increased. This can occur when your auric or bioenergy field is fractured due to unresolved trauma, core issues, sexual abuse or further weakened by excessive use of drugs, alcohol, depression, anger, resentment. Strong negative emotions attract discarnate being like a parasite is attracted to a weakened host.  The symptoms c by discarnate beings are explained in Part 2.

How to Stand in Your Own Truth no Matter What

To overcome these symptoms of habitation means regaining control over your body. Traumatic situations can cause you to disassociate or leave your body. Thus the expression so and so was beside themselves with anger.  To strand in your truth in your body no matter what is happening around you or within you requires courage and learning how to clear and maintain your bio-energy field in all situations.

There is no such thing as being a victim. We create our own reality with every though word and deep, this is why in all situations you want to be the dominate energy or force for good. That means all other energies that you encounter have to rise to your vibrational level.

As mentioned personal energy system crashes occur due to unresolved trauma, core fractures and intense overwhelming negative emotions such as guilt, shame fear and doubt which can have their origin in this lifetime or during past lives.

If a strong emotion arises within you or is directed at you such as shame, guild, fear, anger let it pass through your body into the heart of the earth. Immediately do the following ho-oponopono prayer to clear the emotional charge.

I love you.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

Click here for an article on the ho-oponopono prayer

Imagine your body as a neural network or mesh with vast spaces between your nerve endings that can allow waves of energy to pass right through you without affecting you.

Outside forces can only control or manipulate you by causing an energetic system crash via directing strong negative frequencies at you.

This is why it is important to clear your field whenever it feels necessary. You intuitively know when someone or something is impinging on your energy field because it does not feel right.

Immediately stop and clear yourself. I suggest using the Deep Clearing Protocol to clear yourself. While it is wordy and legalistic in nature it gets the job done 95% of the time. The other 5% is more heavy duty and usually requires some assistance.  To learn how to clear yourself you can start by watching the Deep Clearing video found here.

How to clear yourself.

Q.  How often do I do a Deep Clearing, and for how long?

A     How often do you take a shower? A deep clearing is like a spiritual shower so do a clearing as often as needed, and preferably once a day. Fortunately, science has shown that it only takes 21 days to develop a new habit. For newbies I suggest to keep up the Deep Clearing at least once a day for one moon cycle 27.3 days. I suggest you spin your pendulum and say the words out loud while listening to me read the protocol.  This will take you about 25 minutes, the length of time it took me to read it.

Q.    Where do I find the wording for the Deep Clearing protocol?

A.     The update version is always available for free to copy and paste from here

There also an online UTube video you can watch and use to follow along while clearing   yourself.  For further information there are also a number of ion line interviews with Kathy Wilson on the topic of deep clearing here

Q.    Why when I am doing a deep clearing of myself why am I not getting the results I want?

A     Remember your house can be a big part of any re-possession problem. Entities in a house think they are alive and your clearing activities (i.e. trying get rid of them) generally pisses them off. As you clear yourself don’t forget to clear your house. Imagine in your mind’s eye creating a light portal of blinding light in or outside your house and help the entities turn and walk towards the light. Tell them their love ones are waiting for them on the other side which is usually the case.

Q.    What kind of pendulum is being used in the DVD when there is love being put into chakras, etc. and then problems removed and then love being put in?  You seem to be switching to a different pendulum for that.  Is it necessary to have 2 kinds of pendulums to do this work with the Dowsing Manual or can we just use 1 standard pendulum?

A.     Yes any pendulum is fine to use as it all has to do with the power of your intent while swinging the pendulum clockwise and counterclockwise. That being said I like the heft and the design of the Ptah pendulum to do deep clearings and exorcisms of possession.

Q     Why do I feel lethargic and seem to be getting no were with my deep clearing?

A      You are in the midst of a spiritual battle. While I do an exorcism with compassion by sending entities to the light to continue their soul evolution, they do want to leave. Yes they are going to push your buttons and yank your strings because they feed off negative energy. Muster up some enthusiasm as it is strong emotion coupled with strong intent that will get the job done. Think of Archangel Michael with his sword. He doesn’t allow any negative forces to dominant a person or situation. He just gets his sword out and clears them out.  Stamp your feet and with your hand on the hips call Archangel Michael to assist you. Now with a pissed off attitude state, How dare you invade my body. This is my body and my incarnation. I worked hard to incarnate into this lifetime. If you (entities) want third dimensional bodies then return immediately to the light, stand in line and get your own body. In the meantime my body is no longer available for you to occupy, so piss off. So be it. It is done. Thank you.”

Q.     Can I clear my family and friends?

A.     Yes, when you clear yourself, include your children and grandchildren. I suggest you use the following Intention Statement: When I clear myself I clear my family and ancestors back 7 generations and descendants forward 7 generations. Now proceed to clear by reading (preferable out loud) the Deep Clearing protocol and following the instructions.

Q      How do I clear my pills, vitamins or prescription drugs?

A       I undertake this clearing action to transform, translate, transmute and transfigure all non-beneficial energies including but not limited to greed, genetic manipulation contained in any pills, drugs or anything else that I inject into my or any other person’s body from any and all sources

I call on the divas of the plant kingdom (each plant has a divic intelligence that you can communicate with) and the herd or group spirit of the animal kingdoms whose DNA has been synthetic replicated and patented for profit.

I ask the divas and group spirits to adjust the dosages and strengths for the most benevolent outcome for all those who ingest or are administered these synthetic artifacts and I undertake this action throughout all time, space and dimension both known and unknown and I declare it so, so be it, it is done. Thank you.”

I fill the void with fifth dimensional or higher frequencies of love, light and tone and I declare it so, so be it, it is done. Thank you.”

How to get help to clear yourself.

Q.     What is the difference between doing a Deep Clearing Protocol and having an Exorcism of Possession done?

A.   The Deep Clearing protocol is great for maintaining your, or another’s energy field and works well in 95% of the cases. But, if you or the person you are assisting won’t clear or won’t stay clear (the remaining 5% of the cases) then it is best to hire an exorcist like myself to provide some assistance.

Q.  What is involved in a deep clearing and exorcism of possession?

A.    Your job is to do a daily deep clearing for at least a 21 day period. We will meet once a week by phone for one half hour consultation to discuss your progress. In the second or third week we will decide whether to proceed with a sacred soul sound session for clearing deep seated personal trauma or whether to construct an organite pyramid layout in your house which will permanently clear and maintain your house from repossession.

The weekly consultations if paid for separately would cost you $400.00, but they are included in this package deal worth $900.00. But, if you agree to do the clearing work for at least 21 days I am only going to charge you $500.00. This includes the option of either a sacred soul sound session for clearing deep seated personal trauma or an orgon generator pyramid layout to permanently clear and maintain your house and yourself from repossession.

In the second or third session we will determine which of the two options to pursue for maximum benefits. If you choose to do both options there will be an additional charge of $175.00 US plus shipping. If required a payment schedule can be arranged and in some cases of financial hardships limited scholarships are available if you agree to pay it forward.

Here is the link to make your first of two payments of $250.00 so we can start to work together so you can stand in your truth no matter what. Please click here.

Be well.

Tyhson Banighen your licensed Spiritual Healer


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