What is water divining?

In dowsing for water I have found that it is not just where the water spirits are strongest that determines a good well location but where the landowner wants to find the water. Bill asked what a geomancer is. Liz’s reply was, “A geomancer is one who romances the land.” Therein lies the key. Where do we want to romance the water to reveal itself and does the water want to provide its life blood for human use? Where can we coax the water to come forth? We are not water witching which is beguiling the water, but rather we are forming a co-creative agreement to work together with the water elemental.

Drilling a well is expensive so it is easy to get stuck on the geo-technical aspects as to where to drill, how deep is the water, will the flow be enough and will it be sweet enough to drink? When Serah and I got home from our life altering week with the horses at Gateway 2 Ranch we watch the movie based on Margaret Atwood’s book, The Diviners. Watching the movie it became clear to us that a diviner is creating a divine relationship with the water. Using a peeled Y willow branch as a divining rod the diviner is singing the water to come forth to the surface from the secure depths of the earth.

An excerpt from my journal written when visiting Gateway 2 Ranch August 2009 to attend a week’s emersion and healing experience with a herd of seventeen horses.

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