Water Divining at Gateway 2 Ranch, August 1, 2009

Serah and I arrived at the Gatehouse at Gateway 2 Ranch in the hot mid-afternoon sun. Phoned up to the Farm House to let Liz and Billa know we had arrived. We had been asked to arrive early in order to dowse the neighbour’s land for water. So off we went to visit the neighbour. As we pulled into the driveway that goes under the house we were met by a marmot scurrying away along the rock wall to get out of our way. Walls of glass and rock rose out the living rock above us forming a house that reaches up into the sky. Climbing up the stairs we entered the rooms of glass that look out over the valley and the lake below.

Across the lake is Delia Jane, Serah’s daughters’ boss Bill’s vacation house. First we worked off the map on the dining room table to see where the water potential, was strongest on the property. I discovered it was in the gully below. Brice, the neighbour, had been bitten by a spider and his knee and leg was all swollen. Billa and others were healing his knee and I was trying to get him to focus on the map. Anyway it took a while for the chaotic energy to settle down. Price and Bill were concerned that a water line might have to be blasted through the rock in order to bring the water for a source in the gully up to the house.

In dowsing for water I have found that it is not just where the water spirits are strongest that determines a good well location but where the landowner wants to find the water. Bill asked what a geomancer is. Liz’s reply was, “A geomancer is one who romances the land.” Therein lies the key. Where do we want to romance the water to reveal itself and does the

water want to provide its life blood for human use? Where can we coax the water to come forth? We are not water witching which is beguiling the water, but rather we are forming a co-creative agreement to work together with the water elemental.

Drilling a well is expensive so it is easy to get stuck on the geo-technical aspects as to where to drill, how deep is the water, will the flow be enough and will it be sweet enough to drink? When Serah and I got home from our life altering week with the horses at Gateway 2 Ranch we watch the movie based on Margaret Atwood’s book, The Diviners. Watching the m

Bill used the plastic Y rods that we had brought with us and immediately with no prior experience felt the rod dip over the new well site we had located. I asked him to count each time the rod dipped in increments of 10 feet to determine how deep to drill the well. Bill a Vancouver lawyer was spot on and now potentially has a new vocation.ovie it became clear to us that a diviner is creating a divine relationship with the water. Using a peeled Y willow branch as a divining rod the diviner is singing the water to come forth to the surface from the secure depths of the earth.

Gateway 2 Ranch has a dry lake bottom parched and cracked by the August sun. Last time I visited to do a Geomantic walk through of the property we had divined the location for a new well. Pressure was on to make sure we had located the best site. All of us, the six participants and the five practitioners went back to the site to dowse once more. We encircled the epicentre and chanted the water to come forth. As the collective chant rose in intensity a harmonic note was struck, the horse’s ears shot up, shivers ran up and down my spine and then silence. The enchantment had occurred.

That night I had a vision of the herd standing in a circle noses pointing inward to the well’s epicentre. They-were joined by Pegasus, the winged horse of the air, the unicorn from Merlin’s enchanted forest to represent the Christed one, and the landscape deva in the form of a fire breathing earth dragon joined the circle to coax the shy water horse to turn around and to gallop forth from the depths of the earth as an artisan well.
That evening the barn help was relaxing on their porch and heard water running. They checked everywhere but no taps were open. They realized it was a lot of water, like a waterfall, and went to tell Liz she has a waterfall on her property. They had no idea we had just done ceremony to call forth the water.

Soon we will know if the job was well done. The drilling rig arrives in two weeks, during a new moon, which is always an auspicious time to begin any new project like coaxing water to the surface.

August 20, 2009 New Moon – Romancing the Water Spirit

Well the drilling rig has arrived at Brice’s place and drilling is underway. They are past the depth where they should have struck water, and no water. So what’s up? Well a number of things.

For one the drillers are not energetically compatible or in tune to the project underway. They certainly don’t believe in romancing the water to come forth. They are more like dragon slayers forcing the dragon to show itself. They are also not drilling at the right place which was dowsed. Consequently they have a 50% chance of striking water which is not very good odds.

So what can be learned from all this? Well, it is important to understand the power and purpose of divining rather than water witching. Next, use divining to locate the water source. Then, do ceremony to romance or coax the water to come forth from the bowels of the earth. This is essential. Once that is done, choose by dowsing, a water drilling company that is 100% compatible with the project underway. Show them exactly where you want them to drill. Release all fear and doubt as to the outcome. If you have any doubt and can’t let go of the outcome don’t drill. Working with the water elemental, or any elemental for that matter, is like working with a wild horse – a water horse – that is skitterish around humans. It will only respond to the love and trust of the lead horse. You have to become the lead horse, still and calm inside and in the state all-knowing grace and compassion embrace this frightened being with love in order to bring it forth from the earth. This is a sacred act that requires gratitude.

You can’t be grateful and have fear at the same time. It is time to still the mind and step back into sacred time where all is possible, and know it is so.

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