Ho’oponopono Prayer

Please forgive me 

We are asking for forgiveness for having forgotten how much the Creator loves us and that we are part of Creator not separate. We are asking for forgiveness for having forgotten that were one with the creator and that negatives come from the illusion of separation.  When we re-member we enter back into the divine flow where all is one and all is provided. We ask for forgiveness with the absolute certainty that it has already been granted. The Creator is Spirit and is Unconditional Love that we have for ourselves and others, incapable of experiencing feelings of anger, resentment and all the other ego related neurotic behaviours that afflict us do our illusions. It is important to note here that Ho’oponopono practitioners never have to forgive anyone since they realise that all wrongdoing is the result of their own wrong action or memories–past or present.

I love you 

“When Jesus was asked “which is the greatest commandments of them all” he surprised everyone (typical) and stated, “You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” You are one with Creator so we must love ourselves with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love is a great healing power. Loving yourself and others will reverberate through your psyche and generate an immediate feeling of well being. Once again being pure Spirit, the Creator, does not need your love, but the very act of thinking loving thoughts about yourself and others will tune your mind to that frequency with remarkable and immediate results. And

I thank you 

As stated earlier, whatever your petition or concern, the moment you take responsibility for its occurrence and seek a way through -you are guaranteed a response. Almost invariably the response will never be what you expect (or in some cases want)–but what you need to start the process of healing or reconstruction. Your “thank you” is the acknowledgement that your petition has been heard and acted upon–that is all.

Here is what Dr Ihaleakala Hew has to say about Ho’oponopono.

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  1. Larry, What a coincidence. I say this payrer several times daily and simply love the way it makes me feel. I even have a few of my friends saying it with me. I like your site. I am a special fan of the praying hands.

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