Ho’oponopono Prayer

I am sorry 

This statement opens the door to atonement. The moment you take responsibility for everything positive or negative that manifests in your life you experience or witness the negative as an opportunity for healing. The apology is not directed to the Creator. The Creator is Spirit and does not need nor care about apologies. The apology is an acknowledgement that we are sorry for whatever it is that we (or our ancestors before us) have done to cause the adverse circumstance to take place. There is no need to grovel, just a simple “I am sorry” will do.

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  1. Larry, What a coincidence. I say this payrer several times daily and simply love the way it makes me feel. I even have a few of my friends saying it with me. I like your site. I am a special fan of the praying hands.

  1. […] suggest the Ho’oponopono prayer, I love you.I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, but you can add other words like Health, […]

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