Standing Stones

Written by Tyhson Banighen, Wednesday, 27 May 2009 12:07

Standing stones have always fascinated me. My first encounter was when touring Wales by car exploring my cultural roots as I am of Welsh decent on my mother’s side. My wife at the time, Muriel Cameron (who later changed her name to Hallie Muir) and keep hoping out of the car to stand amongst these ancient stones and to crawl into dolmens to lie on our backs and experience tons of stone suspended over our heads. We just couldn’t get enough of them, so off to Stone Henge we went to join the throngs of tourists who are not allowed inside the stones but can only view them from a path that leads anti-clockwise around the henge.

On my return to Canada this lead to reading John Mitchell’s book, The View over Atlantis, for further insight into my Irish and Welsh ancestors and their Celtic Druid roots. I discovered that they probability brought this megalithic technology with them from Atlantis.

As luck would have I got to meet a real live Druid, Ivan Mc Beth, who came to do a presentation at the Spring Questers Conference at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. in 2007.

Ivan is a Druid in the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids. Druids are both male and female of any race, religion, belief or colour. they revere nature as the embodiment of the union of the God/Goddess and are particularily drawn to the magic of trees, stones and stars. Website

Prior to the conference Ivan stayed with us in our home while he did an evening presentation to the Shuswap Questers in Salmon Arm and a weekend workshop on being a Druid and stone circles. He has built about half a dozen stone circles for clients as varied as rock stars and one for his dentist as a trade for dental work.

Ivan is a big friendly giant of a guy and as my friend Magi Pym said he looks like he just came from central casting because he looks and embodies what you imagine a Druid to look and act like, from the chipped front tooth, barrel chest down to the purple nail polish on his fingers which is his favourite.

I learned from him that we were kindred spirits so I decided I also must be a Druid. I have yet to be formally initiated into their rites and privileges so maybe I am a wannabe Druid, but I do feel fully fledged.

I now want to build megalithic structures myself, as I have always loved moving, building and talking to stones. So if you have a large acreage and want a megalithic structure please let me know as I am available.


    • Geo on January 24, 2014 at 5:53 pm
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    Reading this, the Coral Castle in Florida came to mind
    Was this the energy system employed by the fella that
    constructed after nightfall only? A Finn/Icelander not
    quite sure of his origin. They give tours there now and
    as yet, have not toured there. Thanks, am greatly
    enjoying your wonderful site From a fellow Canadian

      • on January 24, 2014 at 10:31 pm
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      Ivan tells stories of trying to move megalithic stones by ropes and levers with no movement until the team stops and tuned into the stone and told why and where they wanted to place it in the circle and then it was easy to move it.

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