Ongoing Weekly World Wide Dowsing Calls

Join Kathy Wilson and other Powerful Dowsers for this Weekly World Wide Dowsing Call – designed to move all of us towards Higher Vibration & Healing – Clearing the Way to Higher Consciousness.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CONNECTING TO THESE CALLS CLICK HERE


Date 2012 Guest Topic Contact Infomation  UpComing Calls
Dec 5 Raymond Tarpey The Mayan Calendar the Vehicle of Understanding
Dec 12 Judy Royle Soul Genesis info@royletreatmentwellness.com
Dec 19 Jack Lyons & Kathy Wilson Setting Intentions 705-944-5828    


Topics – Contact Info – Web Links – Handouts

Date 2012 Guest Topic Contact Infomation Web Link to Listen to Past Calls in Replay
June 20 Frank Jordan Entity Clearing 208-344-9188 Meditations on WolfSpiritRadio
June 27 Raymon Grace What is happening to the Energy of Our Water?
What is the Energy of Your Water?    Submit Your Findings Online
July 4 Tyhson Banighen Deep Clearing Protocols to Maintain a Healthy Field 250-835-8236
July 11 Maralie Martin Family Dowsing 416-274-8069
July 18 Frank Jordan Clearing Techniques to be ready for for the Galactic Shift into the 5th Dimension. 208-344-9188 Meditations on WolfSpiritRadio
July 25 Susan Collins Clean Out Your Psychic Closet (905) 833-2440
Aug 1 Jo-Anne Eadie Practical Everyday Dowsing 519.647.2257
Aug 8 Frank Jordan What is in the 5th Dimension? 208-344-9188
http://www.psi-tronics.comMeditations on WolfSpiritRadio
Aug 15 Kathy Wilson Listening 416-225-3612
Aug 22 Peter Webb Minimize the Effect of EMF’s (Electric and Magnetic Fields) 613-258-4896
Aug 29 Hank Innerfeld Take Charge of your Life… NOW!! 303-679-6200hank@hankinnerfeld.comhttp://www.hankinnerfeld.comHank’s Empowerment Statements
Sept 5 Tyhson Banighen Deepening the Connection Between Humans & Nature 250-835-8236         What’s Up With 2012?
Sept 12 Bill Northern How Dowsing Affects our Lives 804-333-4802  Thoughts by Bill Northern
Sept 19 Jill Korn Smart & Thrifty Manifesting 706-733-0204
Sept 26 Frank Jordan Developing Physic Ability 208-344-9188 Meditations on WolfSpiritRadio
Oct 3 Bill Getz Water Dowsing 518-872-2029
Oct 10 Frank Jordan Using the Crystalline Structure of the Pyramid. 208-344-9188 Meditations on WolfSpiritRadio
Oct 17 Nancy Bradley Dowsing in Everyday Life 613-596-0260
Oct 24 Joey Korn Spiritual Dowsing and the Simple Blessing Process 706-733-0204
Nov 7 Christine Nightingale Spirit Babies (905) 453-8095
Nov 14 Eva Angyal Dowsing with Charts
Nov 21 Adhi Moonien Two Owls Dowsing for World Peace Adhi’s Facebook
Nov 28 Carol Baltkalns Soul Talker soaringspirit@sympatico.ca
Dec 5 Raymond Tarpey Shaman of the ‘Mayan Daykeeper’ Tradition
Dec 12 Judy Royle Soul Genesis nfo@royletreatmentwellness.com
Dec 19 Kathy Wilson Setting Intentions 416-225-3612


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