Interview with Coach Betty about Energy Healing and Crystal Skulls

Dana Williams shares her work as a full time practicing therapist “Artist of Change” who heals by working with a variety of self healing modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tyhson Banighen is also on the show to discuss his dowsing work and how he found the healing powers of crystal skulls. Dana and Tyhson were two of the amazing people I met at Gateway 2 Ranch in British Columbia.

Listen to Dana and Tyhson now…

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Dana Williams

Dana Williams

Dana has a lifetime of experience healing through hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, and other energy therapies. She loves the process of change and as an artist has combined her training and art to become a talented healer able to draw on what is happening in the moment as a healer. She can be reached at

Tyhson Banighen

Tyhson Banighen

Tyhson’s unique way of working with people involves helping people connect to their intuitive nature or highest self, set clear intentions and then trusting the process. His story of how he began to relate to and work with crystal skulls will make you stop and think about possibilities. Tyhson gives workshops and energy healing sessions and can be reached at

Enjoy the show!

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