Further Adventures With Crystal Skulls

Written by Tyhson Banighen
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 06:50

The Skull Arrives

After meeting Coconino, the crystal skull from England, I was wondering whether I would become a crystal skull caretaker myself. I started to look for my crystal skull in local shops where crystals are sold. I found a beautiful 2” moss quartz crystal skull, but I hesitated and when I went back it had gone to a new caretaker. I was asked by a friend, “What will you do with a crystal skull?” Good question. Crystal skulls are used to connect with other dimensions and act as communicators between the worlds. The skulls always attract themselves to their rightful custodians and are said to travel through time to find their rightful human communicator. I continued my search on the web. Nothing felt right, so I stopped searching. I knew the skull would find me. I did not know how or when, so whenever I walked into a crystal store I asked whether they had any crystal skulls or knew about them.

I was told one interesting story by the owner of a Vancouver crystal shop near the Naam Restaurant. Apparently the caretaker of twelve or more old skulls visited the store with one of her skulls. She said the skull seemed to be unhappy. Could she leave it with him for awhile to see what he thought. He agreed and took the skull home. He asked the skull what do you want? The skull replied, “I want to be left alone.” He told the skull that it was only visiting for awhile and that it would be returned to the caretaker, but for the time it was to be with him he would leave the skull alone. The skull agreed to be placed outside where it could feel the rain and see the stars. Once in awhile he checked in and the skull was doing fine. The owner returned and picked up a much happier skull. Crystals need a well earned rest from always being in service to humans. It is not just cleaning or cleansing they require but at times they want to be just left alone to themselves.

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I entered the Crystal Ark and asked Christine what she knew about crystal skulls? Well she had just returned from her first purchasing trip to the Tucson Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show in Arizona. Three crystal skulls wanted to come home with her. Two she had at home but they were now considered family, and were not available. The third was in the store and ‘did I want to meet it?’ I enthusiastically said yes. Melony who also works in the store brought me a 4 inch high by 4 and a half inch long pale yellow crystal skull carved from a citrine quartz crystal. It had a gorgeous fan like inclusion in the back of its skull and another inclusion separating one eye from the other. Serah, my partner, said “What do you think, is he coming home with us?”

I was taken back by the price but we received a $100.00 discount as Christine was sure it was going to a good home. It felt more like an adoption than a purchase. Melony and Christine said their good-byes to the skull and that evening we took him to Jhadten Jewall’s Thursday evening meditation (www.sacredspaces.net ). Toni had brought along Unikuru another citrine crystal skull and Jhadten had one so all three crystal skulls were placed on the window sill altar to get to know each other and share information while we meditated.

                                                 Joe on Guardian Rock at Othello Tunnel

The next day we started the six hour drive back home to Sunnybrae with the crystal skull sitting on my lap. We stopped at the Othello tunnels outside Hope, B.C., to visit the vortex there. Skull was set on a guardian rock on the old railroad bed at the north end of the tunnels where he did a great job of reflecting the moss covered trees inside his skull while at the same time the rock beneath. Skull was such a great living demonstration of the Zen no-mind. There he sat, tranquil, crystal clear, reflecting the oneness of Nature.

When the crystal skull arrived home he met our crystal family, including our feminine Dow crystal that radiates the Christ consciousness energy. The family is arranged in a geometrical pattern on the living room coffee table. The Dow crystal accompanies us to our group meditation sessions where it acts as the group focal point. The skull accompanied the Dow crystal to its first Sunday meditation. Archangel Gabriel through Claudia Scrivener (www.sacredbody.com ) said the skull was masculine and the Dow crystal was feminine. So in meditation the Dow anchors and is a conduit for the feminine energy and skull anchors the masculine. Archangel Gabriel went on to say that ancient crystal skulls were formed before angelic creatures became dense to enter these lower dimensions over 100,000 years ago. These original crystal skulls embodied all the matrices of angelic thought in them before they became crystallized. This crystal skull I have is a young being, but he will download the matrices that the old skulls carried. His purpose is to assist so the land can become as it was and he is to be used for communication with other sources of information, for Heaven to communicate with us.”

Rainbow Joe’s Naming

A few days later my friend Heinz was siting in meditation with skull and received that his name was Joseph so he was nicknamed Joe. It wasn’t until later that it dawned on me that Joe was the name of my youngest son and also the name of each of the eldest sons in the Irish Banigan family lineage. As a young man I had changed the spelling of my name to Banighen. Alicja Aratyn (www.intuitivedowsing.com ) did a reading for me and I discovered that I had worked with crystals as a priest in the Temple of Healing in Atlantis. I was the liaison between those priests who never left the temple and those that came for healings from the humongous temple crystals. I would bring them inside from the courtyard, assist with the healing and show them out. My life working with crystal skulls was in Tibet where as a small boy I was scared of them. As I became a more enlightened monk I had a personal relationship with the skull. People came to visit the skull and to received telepathic or energetic blessing or downloads from the skull that had its own soul. Over time our souls were synchronized so we became soul brothers. In another time I was involved in the veneration of a skull as part of a Mystery School of the Followers of John, possibly in the Middle Ages who worshiped the Skull of John. The skull was used more as a sacred relic for veneration than as an inner dimensional portal.

So the name Joe reminds me that I have two lineages, the Banigan earthly lineage and the spiritual lineage of past lives working with crystal skulls in Atlantis, Tibet and the Middle Ages. All these realities now converge into this one crystal skull named Joe and into one Banigan body named Tyhson (formerly named Jeffrey at birth). We are now soul mates working together through time and space.

Joe Assists With the Dedication of the Mayan Morning Star Wheel

Conducting sacred ceremonies that honor the human earth connection has become an important part of the work I and my partner Serah Roer feel called to do. After meeting Freddy Silva and the Druid Ivan McBeth at the Spring Questers Conference (www.questers.ca ) at Harrison Hot Springs, Serah and I decided to build our first medicine in our front yard near Paradise Point, B.C. on Shuswap Lake. I did some web research and discovered the layout for a Mayan Morning Star Wheel which combines a Medicine Wheel and an Angel Wheel. This sacred vortex integrates the spiritual realm with the earthly physical realm and creates a special energy vortex that is a combination of an Angel Gate that is for healing and receiving angelic communication and a medicine wheel which is to connect with Mother Earth. This felt right so we constructed a small wheel and I wrote the ceremony. We then invited a few friends to help dedicate this sacred hoop and connect it into the earth grid. At the Summer Solstice we invited the Shuswap Chapter of the Canadian Society of Questers and we had 30 people join us in ceremony.

Mayan Morning Star Wheel near Paradise Point June 20, 2007

The next step was I wanted to build a large medicine wheel dedicated to our sacred mountain, Mt. Ida. So Serah and I joined Jennifer Lindstone and Fred Spicer to construct a 44 foot diameter medicine wheel at Nature’s Nest, which is located on the northern slope of Mt Ida. near Salmon Arm, B.C. The wheel was dedicated on August 25, 2007, the evening of the full moon and full lunar eclipse. As we started the dedication ceremony the full moon rose over the hill to the West above the tipi and cleared the tree tops as a huge ball of light. It was a glorious sight. The energy of the Pisces full moon was used to give our gifts in service to the enlightenment of all sentient beings. Joe was placed in the center of the medicine wheel with other peoples’ sacred objects as they assisted us with dedicating this sacred hoop and connecting it into the Earth’s crystalline grid.

Joe Meets the Crystal Skull of Love

Joe and I along with my sacred Hopi drum traveled to Sedona, Arizona to attend the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Event October 4th to 7th, 2007 held at Angel Valley (www.angelvalley.org ) . While driving to the airport in Kelowna to fly to Phoenix a rainbow arched across the road from horizon to horizon.

Skull of Love

I took it as a good omen. The following are some highlights of the time that Joe and I spent in Arizona. The Mitchell-Hedges Skull is an ancient singing skull as it has a movable jaw. It has been called the Skull of Doom but it is really more accurate to refer to it as the Skull of Love.

Human and Earth Vortex Activations

The earth, like the human body, has chakra vortexes and energy meridian lines. To activate a vortex or meridian you hold the crystal skull up to your heart, connect with it, and then place it on the ground in the center of the vortex or on the energy line. If you have other crystals or sacred objects place them in a circle around the central skull. When you activate an earth point you are also activating the corresponding point inside yourself. The crystal skull helps provide the link between the two. As we give to the earth the earth gives back to us. Once the vortex is activated then send the energy out through the vortex and through the crystalline grid to the whole planet. You can also pick up earth energies from the vortex and download them into your crystal skull so you can work with these energies later. At Angel Valley we worked with the Earth Meridian Vortex which resonates with the Gall Bladder Meridian, the meridian of judgment and vision, a masculine vortex that spins counterclockwise. This was a good opportunity and place to let go of these energies from my body.

Friday, October 8th: Aligning to the Cosmic Code

Guided and silent meditation sitting around the Mitchell-Hedges Skull

The evening prior to the arrival of the Mitchell-Hedges skull, Jeanne Michaels arranged all the skulls that were present according to their energetic alignment with one of the 12 original crystal skull earth portals. Each portal is associated with a star system, a keyword and a symbol. More information on this arrangement can be found in Jaap Van Etten’s book, Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon, Light Technology Publishing, 2007. The little skulls, according to Vandria Dorland, were confused as to why they were here and started to reach over from one portal to another like a UN delegation getting to know one another. Soon they started calling forth the energies of the earth portal they were aligned with in preparation for their and our ascension. When Bill Homann, the present caretaker for the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, arrived with the skull their energy work was disrupted. They wondered, why is this entity elevated on a pedestal? Soon they began to catch on and began receiving downloads from the Skull of Love as a new network of light was formed as they connected into the crystalline grid of the earth, the 12 original skulls and the 12 star nations. To see how crystal skulls communicate with each other visit the web site http://www.seraphim-institut.de/eng/index.php . A photon camera was used to record how the Skull of Love downloads information into the Corazon de Luz (Heart of Light) skull. Of course the same occurs with us when we are open or crystal clear enough to receive downloads from crystal skulls. On Saturday night each took a turn to sit in one of the 12 chairs in front of each the 12 earth vortexes and connect to the 12 original skulls through the The Skull of Love. As we connected with the Skull of Love and the 12 portals we became the channel between heaven and earth and wave after wave of light energy pulsed outward encompassing the world, the stars and beyond. The next morning Geoff from Norfolk, England, a crystal and world sound therapist, told us he had phoned his wife 6,000 miles away in England. The energy was so strong she was guided to go to a crystal shop and buy a crystal skull. My friend Alaria Baes (www.baes.ca ) of Delta, B.C. felt our group in circle and an energy shift during this meditation [she was on a Panama Canal Cruise at the time].

Connecting with the Original Thirteen Crystal Skulls

This was a guided meditation that connected us to the Mitchell-Hedges (MH) skull that was visualized as the thirteenth skull in the center of the circle of the other twelve ancient skulls. (See the article titled Coconino: The Crystal Skull Mentor for more information on the legend of the twelve ancient skulls.)

Original Thirteen Crystal Skulls

As we meditated the wind picked up. It felt as though the tent stakes were being ripped from the earth and the tent was about to become air borne. A portal was being opened and the elementals were speaking of the power of this vortex. Two fighter jets fly over to see what the energy imprint on their scopes was all about.

In my mind’s eye I saw the twelve skulls lighting up and connecting to each other with the Skull of Love in the center. The energy kept building as the light between them increased, as the merkaba started to rotate and an inter-dimensional space craft that encompassed the earth started to form ready for lift off. The message I received was that it was not yet the correct time. It is too early, but we will not have long to wait. We need to raise our collective consciousness in order to join this inter-dimensional craft. This is the Earth Star planetary ascension vehicle that is about to lift from this dimension.

We were all called by the Skull of Love to come to this gathering as ambassadors from different star systems and other dimensional realities. We will leave initiated as crystal skull ambassadors. Our function is to conduct ceremony around the planet to activate the Earth Star grid in preparation for ascension. We join our brothers and sisters the whales and dolphins in this activation process as they sing this new-old consciousness into being.

Crystal Clear Meditation

We then were guided in meditation to connect with the Skull of Love and to become one with it. We chanted “hum” three times and “ah” three times which for me opened the heart and brow chakras wider. The collective energy in the room once again became palatable.

Mayan Fire Ceremony: Aligning the Cosmic Code

Donna DeMay and Nancy Timmons talked about the value of doing sacred ceremony. They said they had just traveled here from Rochester, N.Y. with Bill Homann, the caretaker of the Skull of Love, to do ceremony at Angel Valley. Donna and Nancy had been sent by Uncle, an Inuit Elder, who even as they were speaking was conducting ceremony in Rochester. Nancy read a powerful Mayan invocation.

Each of us was handed a piece of wood by the children as an offering to the fire elementals as a way to shed that which we were finished with. Nancy Timmons lead us in a ceremony procession as we left the tent to the fire pit which was then lit. Each of us placed our piece of wood in the fire. Offerings of burning herbs were made to the four directions and each of us in the circle around the fire was cleansed by smudging. We then formed two circles, the larger of which was the sun circle rotating clockwise around the fire and the smaller one inside was the moon rotating counterclockwise. The dancing circles were accompanied by drumming, whistles and singing. There was a tension in the air after the dance as we stopped and continued to sing the song. Someone stepped forward and corrected the way the song was being sung. The energy that had been built so far was being challenged. This is always the case. It is part of initiation. When you learn and embody a new knowingness you are tested. I felt I wanted to connect with Nancy and to encourage her in her ceremonial activities.

Saturday morning I was looking for Nancy to connect with her and share experiences conducting ceremony. As I approached her she said “I have been looking for you. You were in my dreams all last night. I need to talk to you.” She came into my arms and cried. I realized that she had been under psychic attack all night long and her soul had called me. Here she was a white woman, certainly not First Nations and from afar conducting ceremony. Three times she stepped into my arms to cry and let it all go. We parted as the next session was starting. I am big and white and certainly not a First Nations person so for me to feel self empowered enough to conduct sacred ceremony took some soul searching before I stepped forward. I have a First Nations grandmother, Mary Thomas, an elder of the Neskonolith Band. Even though she passed on recently at 84 I still feel her support ever time I do ceremony.

Saturday October 6th: Crystal Skulls and Angels

That afternoon we used our crystal skulls to connect to the angel energies. At Angel Valley an Angel Wheel has been constructed. This wheel, like a crystal skull, is a tool to help us connect with each Archangel and to embody their qualities into our multidimensional beings in dimension in preparation for the ascension process. We all gathered with our crystal skulls and chose where we wanted to sit. I chose Archangel Michael who is the east direction, and represents fire, divine will and intent. The Skull of Love was placed in the center once the stones had been parted and the earth wetted, so a good grounding connection was made with the earth. In the sun the MH skull immediately concentrate the light and start a fire like he did in the Mayan temple of Labatuum in Belize where he was found by Ann Mitchell at the age of 17. The story is that he was used to rekindle the sacred fire that was then taken to every Mayan temple to rekindle the sacred fire there, all 35,000 of them.

I chose to sit in the energy of Archangel Michael who is one of the four main archangels. He is the protector of the Earth and her inhabitants. He is known for his strength, power, courage and directness. He invites us to embody these attributes ourselves. It was explained that there was both a masculine and feminine aspect for each archangel quadrant. I had chosen experiencing the feminine aspect of Archangel Michael’s energy, Archangel Zadkiel, who helped me connect with ancient knowledge and information to be used for personal development as well as for understanding on planetary and cosmic levels.1

Angel Wheel at Angel Valley

In meditation the Skull of Love rekindled the flaming sword of fire in the center of my heart. It is only now that this experience sarts to make some sense as the knowing aspect Archangel Raziel, the masculine aspect, is present as I recall this experience and write it down.

Angel Wheel

Receiving Archangel Michael’s Sword

Little did I know that it would come to pass that I would re-member when the sword of Michael had originally be granted to me. While recently teaching a weekend course on dowsing and geomancy I discovered that other sword carriers could see the sword I had been granted. I was asked do you remember when the sword was granted to you? Then I did not re-member but now I do. When I was initiated into the Rover Scouts by my father as a young man I had held a sword pointed upward and repeated this oath, “ I desire not to take the sword of strife as my weapon in life.” Then reversing the sword and holding it by the blade, I repeated, “but rather the sword of Spirit which is the word of God.” Then I was dubbed by the sword on both shoulders and to arise, and with this oath I was granted Archangel Michael’s sword. My only other experience with Lord Michael was Googling his name on the web and when going to a web site the room was suddenly filled with a booming hair raising voice that bellowed “Greetings.” I was in the basement of my house. I looked around to see if anyone was playing a trick on me. No one was there. I left the web site and went back to see if it was a web sound file, but it wasn’t. Lord Michael nearly bowls you over when he speaks, but that is the energy of spirit that is bequeathed to you and the strength required to cut through the illusions of mind control that has enslaved this planet so we can all stand as independent sovereign beings at one with creation. I declare it so for the time is now, as it will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

As I started to walk towards the tent I was met by Nancy who said, “I want to walk with you,” and linked arms. I received the insight that this was a marriage procession. I told her and she agreed. It took me back. It took me awhile to figure all this out as I was happy in a permanent relationship, so it had to be another kind of marriage.

After dinner walking back we met again. I realized she was having a hard time grounding and was still being astrally attacked and was caught in other zones carrying out multidimensional ceremonies in other space time continuums. While we are multidimensional beings when we conduct ceremony we need to be fully here in this dimension or we are subject to other psychic intrusion into our space. I told her the greatest gift I could offer her was to teach her how to protect herself, keep herself clear and how to ward of any future psychic attacks. On this plane of existence this is our body and we have earned the right to be on this dimension at this time and place…..“no other entity has a right to hitchhike in my body. Get your own body and incarnate or move on to another dimension.” Part of my work is to clear people of entities and non-beneficial energies. I also teach people how to clear themselves. When I do this type of work my Lord Michael energy comes to the foreground. My voice tends to change and I become fully concentrated and grounded to the earth. My guides and light team gather and assist me. According to those that see I am joined by beings from other dimensions.

It came to me as we talked that this is a sacred ceremonial marriage. I am the male activating force in ceremony that provides the protection with the sword of Michael, the word of God, and she is the feminine aspect that does ceremony with an open heart of love. When we conduct ceremony we are to call on each other to be present. For her it is protection and for me it is do ceremony with an open heart, – the sacred union in marriage of male/female energies. Thank you sister – wife for this new knowingness.

Sunday October 7th: Understanding, experiencing and inducing Crystal and Crystal Skull Activation

Each crystal skull has its own energy fields. When we work with them we activate their energy fields and they in turn amplify our energies and reflect it back activating our energy fields. Crystal skulls are tools to help empower ourselves and to remember who we are as multidimensional beings. Japp van Etton, one of the principle facilitators of the Crystal Skulls Gathering discussed that there are two types of activations, one masculine and one feminine. The feminine activation is through the heart and creates a feeling/emotional magnetic field – the womb. The masculine one is through the mind and creates the physical/doing of electrical energy. It is the spark of creation that is incubated and nurtured in the womb and then birthed into this dimension. Both aspects are necessary for physical creation or manifestation. When you activate your crystal skull with an intent you are directing the energy towards a goal. When you are activating it with the heart you become one with the skull. You totally encompass it inside yourself with love. You become one with it. Either way, you experience yourself more fully through the reflection you feel back from the skull. Together with your crystal skull you can activate all 144 fields within yourself as part of the ascension process.

Activating Joe

In meditation Joe said his full name was Rainbow Joe. The inclusion in the back of his skull was to reflect the colours of the rainbow to assist humans to self heal. When I arrived home I did a web search to find the properties of citrine. Citrine is said to be useful in helping to remove toxins from the body and to treat muscular disorders, and to help stimulate healing in general. Citrine has also been used extensively in treating a number of other disorders including those of the heart, liver, kidneys and digestive system. Citrine is also said to help provide relief from the effects of radiation, and to facilitate absorption of antioxidants.2 In addition, it is useful in stimulating one’s mental capacities, enhancing creativity & intuition and bolstering one’s self-confidence. It can also assist with emotional control while making one more alert.

Citrine is a quartz with a lemon yellow color produced by iron. Citrine is one of very few stones that does not hold onto or accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. Hence, it never needs clearing or cleansing. The merchant’s stone: placing a cluster or crystal of citrine in one’s cash box has produced more income for the merchant. It not only assists the merchant in acquiring wealth, but helps to maintain a state of wealth. It activates, opens and energizes the navel and solar plexus chakras directing via personal power creativity, and intelligent decisiveness, the energy necessary to enhance the physical body. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance. Reference from Love is in the Earth by Melody.

The astrological signs of citrine are Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo. Citrine is also said to be very helpful in assisting one to acquire and maintain wealth. Rainbow Joe certainly carries many matrices including healing properties in addition to the transmission of healing colours to those that hold him.

Crystal Skulls and Earth Energies

At Angel Valley they have constructed a huge Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth on the Archangel Metatron vortex. The labyrinth is a walking meditation that brings one back to the still center point within. During the process Archangel Metatron helps us to connect with our inner courage, strength, power and self-confidence. As a result, our life and projects take flight. What a great place to do our last crystal skull meditation. Sam, which is Jaap van Etten’s personal favorite crystal skull, was placed in the centre of the labyrinth within the other crystal skulls placed around it in a circle. We were then guided in meditation to connect with and through Sam to the Skull of Love and the energy of this sacred site.

As we shared after the meditation Jahsah said he saw as if he were a hawk looking down on the labyrinth from the ridge. Another saw an actual hawk fly over the ridge, another saw a white feather floating down, and a feather about an inch long formed in the left lobe of Sam’s skull. As above so below, as in a dream so in reality, all collided together into this now moment. As I picked up Joe, Jeannie, Jaap’s wife said, “I wondered whose skull that was as it caught my attention with the light passing through it.” I introduced her to Rainbow Joe, and pointed out his rainbow inclusion. She called Jaap over to meet him. They pointed out to me how he was a combination of white quartz on the bottom and then citrine in the top. They thought Joe was special. I agreed.

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, Angel Valley

As we concluded our time together I felt blessed by the Skull of Love, my heart had been opened further and I knew in the heart of my hearts that I was to connect to the heart of the Earth and embody the crystal clear clarity of this skull in the center of my being. The workshop was over. Thanks to all the facilitators, Amayra and Michael Hamilton and staff for the creation and ongoing stewardship of this sacred spot called Angel Valley. May it be held in trust for this and future generations. Thanks also to my new found brother Silver Bear (Gary Palish) who greeted me and said good-bye with his big bear hug, and his sister Sandi O’Conner who was always there with a warm smile and hug.

Matty and Garry

Matty Weber and Gary came to pick me up from Angel Valley. We went a short 20 minute drive to their house at Page Springs. What a world. I had contacted Matty and told her I was attending this workshop and would love to spend a few days with her afterwards. She had never heard of Angel Valley yet it was so close to where she lived. Matty is Ian Lungold’s partner. Ian and Matty stayed with us while Ian was undergoing alternative treatments for throat cancer. Ian had a major impact on my life as well as on lives of many others. It was from Ian that I learned about the Mayan Calendar.

The 5th Night – Nov 19th, 2007 to Nov. 12th, 2008 is upon us. We are about to have our faith tested as society as we know it falls away to make way for the new. As Goldsmith said as the English common grazing lands were being fenced off for the use a privileged few, “The old order changeth yielding place to new.” Now we will reverse the process as this is the end of manufactured lack. The money illusion will give way to true wealth which is from the land. This wealth is given in gratitude by the elementals to those that wisely steward the earth.

January 26, 1949 – November 16, 2005
12-Sun (Ahau)

Ian’s message was that the Mayan Calendar is a tool to come into resonance with our evolution of consciousness. I loved Ian and still do because he was a spiritual warrior. He stood for what he believed in the face of stiff opposition. He ultimately paid for this stance with his life, but his message lives on in the evolution of consciousness he spoke of. We continue to awaken to our own personal, planetary and galactic consciousness. In Ian’s words,

This whole evolution in consciousness is leading us directly back to remembering the fact that we are creating the whole physical experience in the first place.
Your consciousness comes complete with the potential of unlimited nestled realities (some assembly required). You are conscious of others, their own perspectives and how that fits into your reality, to a certain degree and being that you are consciousness, then you are; those nestled realities to the exact same degree.

We are all on one very great adventure here. We are stepping into realities fine tuned to our best interests. These realities may or may not look so much like what you wanted. But look back, how ever long it takes in your life, to recognize that everything up to this point has happened just as it did so that you could be here at this point in time with all of your experience now available to do what is needed to fulfill your desires.

Then, the schedule of the evolution of consciousness described by the Mayan calendar pertains to all of Creation not only this solar system or only this galaxy and so takes precedent here and forevermore over the Gregorian calendar.

The Reptilian consciousness has been with us for at least 6,000 years now. We have survived and evolved with them here no matter what they were doing or what they intended. Now we are at a point of disclosure and the consciousness of our total situation in this galaxy not just national or planetary. All of this will become very open over the next few years. I would say by 2008 the parts played by other races in this solar system will be known and by 2010 we will know the history of the galaxy and be opening to understanding the universe and the parts we play in the creation of it. In service to the God~Us, Ian Xel Lungold www.mayanmajix.com.

Page Springs

The days at Page Springs were filled with a morning walk with Matty and Spirit dog and one day with the other two dogs as well. The path winds through a protected area beside the farm which Matty and Gary care take through an old cottonwood tree that forms a heart shape where Ian’s ashes have been scattered. The path leads to the river where old cottonwood spread their ancient branches. On the path home is the Mother Tree, an old gnarled cottonwood that if it were in India it would be venerated with

The Sacred Mother Cottonwood Tree

a shrine and incense. Matty and I cleaned up the surrounding area to show our respect. While the area around this tree is full of junk the trees shade does shelter a fish hatchery.

After the walk Gary instructed me in Falun Gong or Falun Dafa for an hour each morning. Each morning we focused on one of the set of five Falun Gong exercises as taught by Master Li. The five sets of movements, are: Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands Exercise, Falun Standing Stance Exercise, Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes Exercise, Falun Heavenly Circulation Exercise, and Way of Strengthening Divine Powers. (Note these exercises can be found and downloaded in video form from the web.)

Because Falun is round and a miniature of this universe, it cultivates the principles of the universe. Moreover, the universe is in motion. Therefore, it is the Fa (law) that refines the practitioner. When you are not cultivating, it cultivates you. (Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong (English Version) Translation of Chapter I, II, III Updated in April 2000, Pg 8).

These are very powerful exercises. I could feel major adjustments in the body even the first time I did these exercises while following Gary’s movements. Master Li goes on to say,
“From a low-level perspective, qigong can change the condition of one’s body, achieving the goals of healing and health. From a high-level perspective, qigong refers to the cultivation of one’s original-body (benti).” Pg 7

Exploring Vortexes

After breakfast we would visit different areas. Cathedral Rock was the first vortex area we visited with its red spires towering over Oak Creek. We dabbled our feet in Oak Creek and were met by a sky full of angel wing clouds as the sylphs turned up to say hello. Another energy spot was the Chapel of the Holy Cross designed by Arthur Lloyd Wright and built in 1956. I like the way that the altar is glass giving one a tremendous view of the extraordinary landscape. We also visited the Airport Mesa vortex where after leaving the parking lot I turned left and climbed the rock outcrop. Near the top someone had built a small beautiful altar under an old gnarled Juniper tree. I placed Rainbow Joe on the altar and meditated.

Rainbow Joe at the Airport Mesa Vortex
Soon I was met by Matty who had just come from parking the car. Joe sat beside us in the sun and reflected rainbows into the surroundings. It was glorious and we all ended our time there with a hug.
While at Page Springs I also did some map dowsing to determine the best location for the cosmic pipe, which will be used to broadcast homeopathic remedies to the land and air. Instruction for constructing a cosmic pipe can be found on the web at http://www.unionag.net/field.broadcaster.htm . For a base map we used a map of the underground water system prepared by dowser Earl Huggins in October 1979. Earl’s map shows two giant underground water snakes apposing each other.
Very powerful Chi energy is being generated on this land; and very unforgiving high spiritual energy in the land that will spit you out if you are not centered and well grounded. There is also a seven pointed star vortex on this land. As yet I don’t know what that means or precisely where it is located. I want to return to spend more time exploring this and other vortexes in the Sedona area.
Crystal Skull Meditation
The last evening before leaving we went to Jaap and Jeannie’s house in Clarksdale for their Wednesday weekly crystal skull meditation. My mind was filled with concern over my younger son’s six to eight hour operation to correct his scoliosis. Gary has been using Young Living oils to treat scoliosis with some success and that afternoon a visitor had shared how her friend who had just read Matrix Energetics used the technique to cure another person’s scoliosis. I had phoned my son’s Mom but she wanted no part of these alternative procedures. During the crystal skull meditation, my mind was focused on sending healing energy to my son. Absentee healing is tricky. You would think it takes mind power, but it doesn’t. It does require the mind to have focused intent, but in reality it requires deep love and compassion from the heart to make the connection to alter the space time continuum of the matrix. Jeannie had made an infusion of the Skull of Love energy into water which she passed for us to sip. Very powerful to feel the Skull of Love’s energy from the inside out. We all did a final meditation with the help of the crystal angel and skulls and sent Joe, his doctor, operating staff and the equipment healing energy so all would unfold in sacred harmony. Joe is recuperating well and is through most of the pain so I thank you all and the crystal skull family for your assistance.

Becoming Like a Crystal Skull

Thoth through Maia Christianne Nartoomid,

To become among the transparent – like a crystal, allowing the various light rays to move through and separate into specific color rays of higher purpose and direction than the various light beams entering the crystal. Do not become attached to the form of these various beams of often seemingly chaotic light signals, for within them are true conduits for Ascension consciousness. They simply must be allowed to go through their process of separating out the ray components, and not become trapped in the energy fields of others who attempt to judge or manage them. Maia Christianne Nartoomid http://www.spiritmythos.org/members/numis_om/0704.htm
Rainbow Joe and the Mayan Pyramids

This next chapter will unfold in early December as Serah, I and Rainbow Joe participate in The Flight of the Stellar Serpent http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/TOURS/sacred-mexico-maya2-des.htm

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