Dolphin Communication

Written by Tyhson Banighen
Wednesday, 17 October 2007 20:00

Dear Linda, Dolphin Ambassador

I am enjoying the Dolphin Heart World messages that you are sending me. I am pleased to meet others that are in communication with dolphins. I was just in Sedona at the Mitchell-Hedges  October 4-7, 2007 at Angel Valley. While there I had my first dolphin communication experience. Jeanne Michaels lead us on a crystal skull guided meditation she played a tape of dolphins communicating with each other. All of a sudden in meditation I heard in English, “We have a story to tell,” then the sounds converted back to the dolphin language.

After the mediation we were to share our experiences with the person siting next to us. This person was part of Jeanne’s dolphin pod groups. That is how I got to hear about your work at I shared my dolphin encounter with Jeanne and also told her about my first encounter communicating with ocean life forms with a crystal skull named Coconino. His caretaker is Barbara Stone from England. Coconino wanted to join her on her journey to swim with the humpback whales off the coast of the Dominican Republic. So Barbara brought the skull along to meet the humpback whales. My story of meeting Barbara and Coconino the crystal skull, humpback whales and the Arcturian is in the article Coconino: The Crystal Skull Mentor.

The dolphins have now begun to tell me their/our story.

The story starts, during the time of Atlantis we as soul beings could choose to incarnate either as a dolphin to experience the water world or as a human to experience the land world. We have always been land sea brothers and sisters. Dolphins still know this but us humans have forgotten.

The Dolphin Temple of Atlantis was constructed so dolphins could swim in and out of the temple and humans could also come and go. We could easily communicate with each other as the large temple crystals in the temple boosted the telepathic communication between us and other dimensional beings.

I am looking forward to more dolphin human transmissions, and my 4 inch citrine crystal skull companion named Rainbow Joe has agreed to assist me in this undertaking. Future dolphin communications will be posted here on the web site.

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