Crystal Skull Healing

I met Tyhson, Serah and Rainbow Joe in early Dec. 2010 while on a Journey to Mexico and Guatemala to study the Mayan Culture.  I had heard of Crystals Skulls through my reading about the Mayans and knew the Mayans were looking for their original thirteen skulls.

It was a huge surprise to me to meet Rainbow Joe as I had no idea there were other Crystal Skulls in the world.  I was very intrigued, I asked many questions and I could see the sacred way that Rainbow Joe was looked after by Tyhson .  It seemed like a huge responsibility to me.

Another highlight was having a Mayan Shaman walk in from the jungle with one of the thirteen original Crystal Skulls and to see the two skulls interact.

I left on this journey in great personal pain caused from an on going situation in my life and I was really there just to get away from everything.  Towards the end of our time together I felt that I would like to spend 10 minutes alone with Rainbow Joe and asked Tyhson if that would be possible.  He assured me that this would be fine in fact Joe could stay the night.

I took him to my room, looked around for a place to set him and found a table just right beside the bed but I didn’t want him that close in case I accidentally knocked him off in the night so I moved the table to the foot of the bed in front the window put I nice white shawl over the table and we were ready to spend the night.  I didn’t realize it until morning but I had positioned the table such that Rainbow Joe and I faced each other as I slept.  Before I went to sleep that night I sat with Joe a few minutes and was surprised at how warmly I felt towards him.

During the night I was awoken three times with every cell in my body vibrating.  It didn’t cause me concern; I just tried to go with it and would drop off to sleep only to be awoken again and again.  Just before morning I dreamt of the exact situation that was causing me such pain and although the content of the dream didn’t have much significance it serve to catch my attention to the fact that I now know something that makes the situation okay.  I do not know what it is that I know because it is just below my level of awareness.  I just know that I know and when unusual actual situations come up that in the past would have caused me pain that awareness kicks in.

I have been able to go on to do major healing and what ever I know from  Rainbow Joe continues to heal me.

It is two months later now and I am writing this letter with great gratitude and thanks.



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