Coconino: The Crystal Skull Mentor

Written by Tyhson Banighen, Monday 14 February 2005 20:00

My experience with crystal skulls began in Feb 2005 when I opened the book, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: A Real Life Detective Story of the Ancient World, (Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, Bear and Company, 1963), from a friend’s library shelf. Serah Roer, my partner, and I were visiting prior to our departure to swim with the humpback whales in the Dominican Republic. This was a busy time so to be inwardly guided to crash read a book on crystal skulls did not make a lot of sense at the time. However, pictures of the Michell-Hedges skull, found in a Mayan temple in Belize reached through the mist of time and space and grabbed my attention. All this passed out of my awareness as we set off on our journey.

The next night in the Dominique Republic we attended mediation with our fellow whale watchers guided by Jhadten Jewall our tour leader from Vancouver ( ). While in meditation I felt the presence of a crystal skull. I thought at first that it was the Michell-Hedges skull and thought nothing more about it. However, on the next night the skull appeared again with increased intensity. On the third day Barbara Stone from England stopped by our cabin on the way to evening meditation, and cupped in her hand was a crystal skull. It was introduced to us as Coconino. I told Barbara that; “I have been visited by a crystal skull in my meditation for the last two nights.” Her reply was, “Well, that’s not surprising as Coconino has been accompanying me to the mediations every evening. He insisted on coming on this journey to meet the whales.”

I had read that crystal skulls choose their caretakers and are here to assist them with healings and to impart information from this and other times, spaces and dimensions. Obviously Coconino was on my wavelength so I asked him politely whether I could ask him some questions? “Sure.” was the inner reply. Coconino said he was an inter-dimensional being. In a channeled session through Barbara, he said, “I am a crystal skull from the collective consciousness.” (Coconino a Crystal Skull through Barbara Stone, October 13, 2000 published in Paradigm Shift: Into the Fifth Dimension, Issue 1, October 2000, pg.7.  Barabara Stone’s web site

Crystal Skulls are mysterious. There are no clear answers to questions like: Who made them, why they were made and how were they made? Various theories exist but there is no clear scientific proof one way or the other. We are therefore left with our intuition. So I thought why not ask Coconino.

He said he inhabits the quartz crystal skull and uses it as a gateway to the third dimension. In this way he has a means to communicate with all living entities including humans, whales, dolphins and others that share the same frequency bands of the “collective consciousness” on the third dimension without needing to inhabit a body. This made sense, as the first radio I had as a kid was a crystal with a wire wrapped around it. David Jay Jordan explains it this way, “Matter of fact our skulls are crystalline in essence making them the perfect shape for receiving input just like a crystal radio. Our heads resonate with His signals if we are in tune enough to listen. If we are used to channeling into that exact frequency, time after time through experience and faith and obedience, we can hear the Lord’s voice, no matter what the situation. And like crystals themselves, our computers being an example of this, our whisper chambers can resonate with whatever input comes from the LORD, and keeps it in our memory.”

(Whisper Chamber, Crystal Skull, Templars, and Sophia (H.S.) For David our “whisperchamber” is the Lord’s voice but for Coconino it is all consciousness on that frequency of the “collective consciousness.”

Why are skulls carved from crystals? Well, if spirit inhabits all of matter then crystals are the highest evolved conscious forms of the mineral or earth kingdom. In addition crystals can be programmed to work with the human body’s system of energy to amplify one’s healing abilities or to expand one’s psychic ability. Their crystalline structure is formed by perfectly replicating geometrical atomic lattice structures that are built up over vast periods of geological time. I was curious about the name Coconino so looked it up on the web and to my surprise there is a Coconino sandstone formation in the Grand Canyon that is over 300 ft thick and extends over 100,000 square miles. It was created by the inundation of the sea. Was this Biblical flood or the sinking of Atlantis? Was there a connection between the name and when Coconino was crafted from quartz crystal into a skull shape? My intuition says yes.

Our computer age is based on quartz crystal technologies. Vast amounts of information can be stored and retrieved from within the lattices of a single wafer cut from one crystal. Natural quartz crystals are record keepers of the earth’s evolution of consciousness, and because they neither change with age nor decay they would be the best way to transmit vast repositories of information from one civilization to another. So I asked Coconino, “Are you storing vast amounts of information?” The impression I received was that he wasn’t just a data bank of information from Atlantis or other galactic civilizations but a means to attune and access the “collective consciousness” or the full Akashic records of this and other planetary systems.

But why carve crystal into the shape of a skull? Is it because the skull is a symbol of death that makes us confront our own mortality? For some macabre reason the skull shape does grab our attention. For that reasons the skull was used on the pirate’s “jolly roger” flag and by the Knights Templar and Masons in initiation rituals. In addition shaman have used skulls to communicate with forces or consciousness on the other side.

The Mitchell-Hedges skull has a moveable jaw. Crystal skulls with moveable jaws are ancient in origin and are called the “the singing skulls,” because they make a sound when struck like a crystal bowl. Some of these skulls like the Mitchell-Hedges skull were from the Mayan civilization, possibly a colony of Atlantis. The Mayan were sacred timekeepers. At the completion of each 52-year cycle of the Mayan calendar round the sacred fires at the 35,000 Mayan temples throughout the empire that stretched from central Mexico to Honduras were extinguished. This was the day in which both the 365-day solar calendar and the 260 days of the sacred Tzolkin calendar complete an entire cycle and each return to the same start date. This was the death of one age. The next age can only be born by sacrifice to the Gods and relighting the sacred fires. Some believe the Mitchel-Hedges skull and was used by shaman as a prism to rekindle the sacred fire (The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, p. 195.) According to the Mayan Calendar we will complete a much larger universal round on December 21 of 2012. Some have stated that this date is the end of the World. However, the end of each cycle for the Mayans is the beginning of a new cycle. The Mayan Elders say this next cycle will be a time of harmony and spiritual growth; this cycle is called the Fifth Sun and each of the previous ones lasted 5,200 years. The fourth cycle that is completing is a masculine energy ruled by the element of water and the next cycle will be the fifth cycle of harmony between the masculine and feminine energy and will be ruled by the element of ether. (‘Saq’ Be’: Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies )

According to Ian Lungold, as our consciousness increases time seems to speed up. Time as we know it will cease to exist at the end of the fourth cycle, and in this eternal now of the fifth cycle each thought will bring instantaneous creation. If this is true even our illusions will be real. I believe the message of the crystal skulls is that our consciousness needs to be as clear as a crystal skull or we will experience the horror of our misconstrued thoughts.

How were the crystal skulls created? According to Thoth channeled by Maia Nartoomid ( the Illuminated Ones from Atlantis transformed their skulls into crystal by a process of morphacrystallic generation. This process was used to transform a once-living or inanimate object into quartz crystal. Thoth says, “Humanity, as Bearers of the Skull, reveal themselves to be the greater Gods snared in the trappings of their own powerful illusions.” Thoth has also equated the Mystery of the Skull with the path of Golgotha, physically the hill upon which Yeshua (Jesus) was crucified. In Aramaic, Golgotha means “the place of the skull.” In her Bible Interpretation, New Testament, Vol. VI, Corinne Heline writes: “In this alchemical work the spinal cord plays a leading role. It connects the generative organs in the lower part of the body with the regenerative centers located in the head, extending from the coccyx (lower part of the back) to the cerebrum. The sacred rivers mentioned in all the world religions symbolize this precious spinal essence. It is the Biblical Jordan in which Jesus was baptized to become the Christed One. Near the medulla is the Mount of Olives. At the base of the skull where the spinal chord enters the head, the cross on Golgotha is formed by the transection of the positive and negative nerve currents–designated in oriental phraseology as the Ida and Pingala. Ms. Heline is bringing forth in her interpretation above only one aspect of the whole mythic picture. This same path of the body could be viewed in other mythic patterns of religious context. Nevertheless, all these patterns are genuine and reflect in the body dynamic templates of co-creation.

In Elizabeth Van Buren’s, Refuge of the Apocalypse, she writes about three mysteries which she sees to be presented to the world in the symbology within the Church of St. Magdalene at Renne-le-Chateau in France:  “One relates to the symbol of the skull, another to the zodiac, and the third relates to the Science of Light which was possessed by the ancients.”  We are all in the process of becoming light beings as we incarnate through the round of the zodiac signs and our carbon atomic structure changes to silicon and we become crystalline like a crystal skull. We are Gods in the making, becoming the illuminated ones attuned to the “collective consciousness” of creation.

Maia Nartoomid believes that there are 72 “Dweller” Crystal Skulls: some on the planet, in the Interior of the earth, other dimensions of the earth and off-planet, yet connected to the earth’s evolution. There are also many ‘Seed-Dwellers’ that register an aspect of the charge of a ‘parent’ Dweller. The Dwellers skulls were once actual skulls of Illumined Beings who chose to leave a time capsule of energetic charge behind in their crystallized skulls. These charges carry seeding codes for the Light Program of the earth and are connected to Galactic Center through the Star Chord points in their skulls… connecting to the Star Chord points in our skulls.

I believe crystal skulls like Coconino contain the wisdom and the technology of transformation necessary for humans to become light beings. With the death of our personality or our egos we are left with our spiritual presence. As mentioned previously the Hebrew word for skull is “Golgotha” which is also the historical place of the sacrifice of Jesus. It is also the point at the top of the spine where it meets the skull. This is the place where we store past life memories of trauma and death. “According to Enoch Golgotha also means the transformation of ‘the skull of flesh’ into the ‘crystal skull of heavenly glory’ as a sign of the triumph over the flesh. Just as those who have understanding do not simply look at the garment of the scriptures, but the body beneath it, the wise servants of the ‘Heavenly King’ attach ‘divine Wisdom’ to their skull, the crown of the ‘Tree of Life,’ and put on the ‘Garment’, which consists of the universe.” (The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, J.J. Hurtak, The Academy for Future Science, 1977, p. 576). By stilling the mind and stripping the ego of its fears and doubts we are left with the crystalline pure presence within that allows use to commune and become one with the pure light of the universe, and in these moments we become one with all. We move beyond birth and death.

So back to Coconino and why he wanted to participate in the journey to the Silver Banks with his human companions in order to commune with the humpback whales. Silver Banks is south of the Bimini area of the Bermuda Triangle. Edgar Cayce believed Bimini was the remains of the ancient peaks of Atlantis, and that the Dolphin Temple with its “generator crystals” lay deep beneath the Atlantic waves.

 Silver Banks off the Coast of D.R. (2nd Island of the 3) is in the Bermuda Triangle

On the third day out on the Banks I received the message to seed the ocean with an 8 lb orgonite tetrahedron crystal I had brought as a gift to the sea from Glen Livingston. It was a blustery day with threatening rain. We headed out in the Zodiac until the anchored Bottom Time II, our floating home for the week, shrank on the horizon. Soon two humpback whales greeted us, blew and then they swam beneath the Zodiac. I gifted the organite into the sea as the sun parted the clouds and filled the sky with two-rainbow blessings.

That evening back on the Bottom Time II we gazed into the star filled heavens. I felt the presence of a star ship but could not locate it in the sky. That night I dreamed that a huge Arcturian mother ship was stationed over the reef. It used the organite as a homing device and beamed down new keys and codes into the whales and us for the ascension of the planet. The whales formed a ring and began to sing these new codes and keys into the earth’s crystalline structure, the leylines. The Dolphin Temple crystals were being recharged with this new song energy as the whales migrate north back to the Arctic Ocean to feed. Next year this ancient pattern would be repeated as they return again to the Silver Banks birth their young, to make love and learn the new songs to sing.

I believe we had all been brought together in this time and space as part of an inter-dimensional and interspecies gathering to assist in the downloading of these new keys and codes. Dr. Norma Milanovich’s in her book, Sacred Journey to Atlantis (Athena Publishing, 1992), describes a similar journey to Bimini with thirty-four people gathering of souls to assist in planetary transformation. Norma channels Master Kathumi who states in the Dedication to the book, “Their journey will unmask the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and will encompass the unveiling of the mysteries that have been hidden over 10,000 years.”

In the book, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, the authors write about a legend of the indigenous people of the Americas in which thirteen crystal skulls will be brought together, at which point a major transformation for the planet will occur. We can clearly see these threemysteries contained within the mission of the Dweller Crystal Skulls: the zodiac in the twelve stars revolving around the head–the evolution of the higher centers, and the Science of Light being the full spectrum of divinity penetrating flesh, blood and bone (through the DNA) to resurrect the Eternal Light Race (new Adam Kadmon template).

The 12 vortexes, one from each sacred skull forms the following pattern with each vortex being a receiver and a transmitter of electro-magnetic patterns of energy or consciousness. (

According to the authors of The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls the life-size crystal skulls, which have movable jaws, are known as the “singing skulls,” while the life-size crystal skulls with the non-movable jaws are called the “talking skulls.”

Coconino is one of the talking skull and says, “remember to call on me in any moment for guidance, help and to allow me to share in your miracles too ….” (Coconino a Crystal Skull through Barbara Stone, pg. 8.)

So I do just that, I call on him and now I have a crystal skull as a mentor.




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