Becoming a Crystal Skull

December 14th 2011. Antigua, Guatemala – 5.50am

Beau Verte – fluorite crystal skull- connection after the ‘sleep over’ with Serpent Rainbow Joe, Tyhson’s citrine crystal skull and Cosmos the newly acquired Guatemala Black Jade skull and Kim and Jill’s newly acquired Green Jade skull and a little rose-quartz skull.

Question. Do you have a message this morning?

‘Courage to face the life ahead for all mankind! The planet Earth has much cleansing ahead and those of you with this knowledge and awareness of the extreme importance of keeping to the Way of the Shaman for the benefit of those who are still lost in the forest of the unknown, need to keep to The Path with much diligence. Yours is a Path of Endurance, Faith, Trust and much Love of your own ability to be in this moment- The moment of Pure Truth and the Abundance that pours in from all the surrounding Beings of Light. Miguel has taught you well, dwell on his teachings and refer to his wisdom and deep knowledge to keep you grounded and therefore able to reach for your own guidance from your teachers in other realms of Light and Love.

From the perspective of the Crystal Skulls that we have here at this moment, do not concern yourself with any ideas of elders, betters, newness or ancient ones. The material used as a base of the skull material is exponentially more ancient than any knowledge base you use in your present day technology. We are concerned to just transform your knowledge into the Infinite Truth and help you to accept and become aware of the information we can share. Imagine yourselves then taking and sharing that knowledge with all the Faith you can muster. This will do much to short cut the tedious learning, studying, reading, comprehending and judgment around what is the truth, as mankind so often feels has to understand before he can “be it”!

You each are growing a Crystal Skull that communicates with the All That Is. We are here to allow your awareness to reach our level of awareness and tap into the Cosmic, Heavenly and totally open hearted Truths.

We Love you and honour your journey.
In Lak’ech.

We were on our third  Maya Sacred Path 2012 journey lead by the Maya shaman Miguel Vergara Calleros who we journey and study with in the Maya lands of Central America.

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