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Take Back Your Power Now With Coaching

“In my experience more than 75% of the population has some sort of intrusion into or energy drain occurring in their bio-energy field due to technology and environmental factors. In most cases the loss of personal energy is 50% or greater. If that is you, this means that no matter what you do to maintain your …

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The Oneness Network of Light

Hilarion’s weekly article below further explains my mission statement for this incarnation which is as follows: My mission is to locate and work with those who know they came to earth to complete a mission on behalf of humanity. If you know you are a change agent of light with a job to do then …

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Becoming a Crystal Skull

December 14th 2011. Antigua, Guatemala – 5.50am Beau Verte – fluorite crystal skull- connection after the ‘sleep over’ with Serpent Rainbow Joe, Tyhson’s citrine crystal skull and Cosmos the newly acquired Guatemala Black Jade skull and Kim and Jill’s newly acquired Green Jade skull and a little rose-quartz skull. Question. Do you have a message …

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