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FREE Distant Healing Manual

FREE Distant Healing Manual Compiled by John Living ISBN 978-0-9686-3238-3 Now available as a Distant Healing Certification Program The Intent of this FREE Manual Is to enable Good Health for All – at a Reasonable Cost. The cost of health as presently administered is tending to bankrupt governments; with the increase in the proportionate number …

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Dowsing Courses by Dr. Patrick MacManaway

Our Sister Site, The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy is  now offering online courses from Dr. Patrick MacManaway Dr Patrick MacManaway is a practicing dowser, geomancer and second generation practitioner of the healing arts. He has a degree in medicine and has several books in print and CD’s. Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers, he …

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Take Back Your Power Now With Coaching

“In my experience more than 75% of the population has some sort of intrusion into or energy drain occurring in their bio-energy field due to technology and environmental factors. In most cases the loss of personal energy is 50% or greater. If that is you, this means that no matter what you do to maintain your …

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More than a Beginner’s Dowsing Course

More than a Beginner’s Dowsing On-Line Self Directed Course Extraordinary Dowsing Techniques “How to ask questions and get true answers from your pendulum.” Here is a short summary of what is included in the course:  A FREE pendulum This course consists of 21 short videos (less than 5 minutes long). Plus a downloadable eBook called Dowsing is IT! …

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By learning to practice meditation daily you can learn to quiet the mind chatter, enter the silence and hear that still, small voice guiding you to your best life possible! Another great way to start your day is 3 FREE Exercises to Start Your Day to check out click here Do you feel disconnected from …

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The Power of Thoughts

“Your thoughts have the power to control; your being, your emotions, and the way you view the world that surrounds you. If you don’t constantly re-think what you think of on a daily basis, how do you ever expect to evolve into a being of; wisdom, truth, understanding and love?” ― Martin R. Lemieux  As …

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Imagine Everything Harmoniously Unfolding as it Should …….

If you only trust your physical senses to guide you, it will start to erode your connection with your higher self. You must fully embrace the idea that you are more than just a physical entity.  You are a spiritual being. Learning to dowse with a pendulum is a great method of tuning into your …

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Voice of the Mind

There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it. ~~ Michael A. Singer ~

Natural High

If this quote resonates with you, ask yourself…Is my soul aligned with my true purpose? I encourage you to watch these FREE Videos that will give you the power NOW to shape your day and your future by clicking here.   Be well – Tyhson your Energy Detective      

FREE Deep Clearing Program

 Imagine being vibrationally healthy with all the energy you need to get you through the day…….  Take this FREE Deep Clearing Program and learn how to:   Clear and maintain your personal energy Reprogram your subconscious Take back your personal power now Be the master of your life. Stand in truth no mater what. Regain …

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