The Ptah Pendulum

The Ptah Pendulum



The Ptah Pendulum

John Living found that the Osiris Pendulum has a special ability to locate ‘not good’ energies in a person’s aura, and when used in ‘extraction mode’ (an anti-clockwise circle) it removed such energies.
But there was a problem – they tended to go into the hand of the Healer/Dowser who was using the Pendulum !
To overcome this, John attached his Osiris Pendulum to the ‘extract’ end of one of the Healing Coils developed by Slim Spurling.
This converted the energies that were removed into being ‘good’ energies – and thus prevented deleterious effects from being experienced by the Healer/Dowser, giving instead a beneficial effect.
The next step was to attach one of Slim’s Coils to a cord, so as to make a Pendulum. This was even more powerful in extracting ‘not good’ energies and converting them to being ‘good’, but did not have the ability of the Osiris Pendulum in locating problems in auras.
An effort was made to get the Osiris Pendulum, designed on geometric theory, to teach the ‘Slim’s Coil’ Pendulum its skill in locating problems in auras – and this was successful !
The Isis Pendulum has the gift of putting ‘good’ energies into the recipient in a similar way, so a cord was attached to the output end of one of Slim’s Coils to make a Pendulum that put ‘good’ energy into a person – and again this was a success !
Then the thought was received “Why not combine them into a dual purpose Pendulum ?” – and so the “Ptah Pendulum” was developed.
John Living has tested this on himself and on a number of other people who needed Healing – with excellent results.
He has used it to locate and Heal ‘not good’ energies in the land, such as curses and other ‘bad medicine’, and understands that it is one of the most powerful Healing devices that exists.
When working with the Healing Angels and other Healing Energies John uses the “Ptah Pendulum” to clear energies that are causing problems as a preliminary step to reduce the work needed to be done by the Healing Energies / Angels.
All the “Ptah Pendulums” are blessed with the abilities of the Osiris and Isis Pendulums, and have been made with True Holy Love.

Holding the “Ptah Pendulum”

In extract mode, the hand holds the shorter of the two coils. For input mode, the longer coil is held. To avoid bending the coil that is held, hold it at its bottom – the strain is not transmitted to the part of the coil above your hand.
The original “Ptah Pendulum” had an adjustable cord, so that you can make the length appropriate for the occasion – as shown in the first picture. This has been replaced by a fixed chain with swivels at each end, and the coils are now made of tinned copper wire to prevent tarnishing – as shown in the second picture.


In all work with the “Ptah Pendulum” a clockwise circle indicates “Yes” and is the ‘Input Mode’. An anti-clockwise circle indicates “No” and is the ‘Extract Mode’.
When asking a question it does not matter which end of the Pendulum is held.
The “Ptah Pendulum” will extract or input, and then swing towards the next position that it needs to go – the direction could be one of two ways, since it is swinging, and your Intuition will guide you to the correct place.
If you go in the wrong direction, the “Ptah Pendulum” will not circle (or make a very small signal) – so reverse the direction that you are moving the Pendulum. When in the correct place it will circle to do the needed work

Healing Linkage

Respect others ! Do not do Healing without first getting permission – from the person, the Guardian Angel, the Low or High Self, or from Spirit. If denied, you can always ask why, and perhaps ask a “Higher Authority” for approval.
If you do not get permission, you can still ‘send True Holy Love (“Namaste”) to be used as is needed for the Highest and Best Good of the person and his Being’.
When doing distant Healing you cannot assume that your mind has sufficient knowledge to get a positive identification / Healing link – check if this is so; if not, get more data about the person (the ‘Healee’) and check again.
If you have had personal contact with the Healee (even by phone or email) then this is usually enough. If you have contact with another person who knows the Healee, then link through that person’s mind.

Healing Action

For distant Healing, John uses a doll for females and a teddy bear for males. This token is defined as representing the Healee.
He finds it best to place the token in one of the LOVE LIVING Healing Rings, which concentrates the ‘good’ and dissipates the ‘not good’.
Start at the head of the person or center of the token, and make an anti-clockwise circle (extract mode, shorter coil in hand) around this point, widening in a spiral to enclose most of the Healee; then hold the “Ptah Pendulum” stationary at the start point – it will start to circle on its own accord to extract ‘not good’ energies.

When the circling finishes, the “Ptah Pendulum” will swing, pointing to the next location of ‘not good’ energies – move it slowly in the direction indicated until it starts to swing again. This is repeated until it remains stationary.
Now change to input mode – the longer coil is held in hand, making clockwise circles – again on its own accord – and this procedure is repeated.
Logically this should remove all ‘not good’ energies, and replace them all with ‘good’ energies. But the metaphysical world is not logical !
Perhaps what happens is that some ‘not good’ energies resist the extraction, but are weakened by the input of True Holy Love, so that by repeating this whole procedure again more ‘not good’ energies will be extracted.
To make certain that all has been cleared, keep on repeating the extraction mode and then input mode until no circling occurs. And as a final check, start again at the start point and make a spiral, then go to the start point and sees if any swinging or circling occurs.

If so, then repeat the whole procedure again – and keep on until there is not any swinging or circling.
Note that this is not just to Heal people – for ‘person’ you can substitute ‘animal’, ‘bird’, etc.
For a complete Healing, John recommends that you follow this work with the ‘Washing Machine’ routine developed by Joe Smith, as described in John’s book ‘Intuition Technology’.

Healing on Land

The “Ptah Pendulum” is not designed to clear geopathic and EMF stress on land – but it helps in clearing curses, sending earthbound souls to their proper place, and removing any ‘bad medicine’.
The procedure is to walk around a room, garden, or farm holding the “Ptah Pendulum” in extract mode and still – if it finds anything that needs Healing it will swing towards its location, and then circle anti-clockwise.
When the circling ceases, change to input mode and send True Holy Love to the same spot. Repeat doing extraction and input until there is not any circling, following any swinging to any new location.
Then change again to extract mode and continue searching until you find another spot that needs Healing.
You can also use this for distant Healing of land using a map – which is a token just like using a doll or teddy bear for humans or animals.
Another way is to stand in one place and ask “Are there any ‘not good’ energies in this room (or garden, farm, etc) ?”. The “Ptah Pendulum” will then swing in search mode, changing in its direction of swing (usually in a clockwise direction) but staying in one direction should any ‘not good’ energies be found.
When this occurs, hold the “Ptah Pendulum” in extract mode and make it circle in the vertical plane, the axis pointing in the direction indicated, towards the ‘not good’ energies.
When the circling ceases, hold the “Ptah Pendulum” in input mode – still in the vertical plane – and send True Holy Love to complete the Healing.
Now hold the “Ptah Pendulum” again in the horizontal plane to find any more ‘not good’ energies.

Examples of Using the “Ptah Pendulum”

John Living found that clearing his aura was a never ending task ! As fast as energies were Healed, others came into his aura – to seek Healing.
Now he holds a separate session, calling in all energies that seek Healing (and Healing them) before working on his own aura.
On one occasion John was led to sense that a person needed special Healing, and with his permission used his “Ptah Pendulum” to check out and clear the person’s aura.
A number of very large patterns of ‘not good’ energies were found and Healing given.
Two weeks later the persons told John that a couple of days after the Healing he had a severe heart attack, and was taken to hospital where he had another heart attack.
Two days later the medical staff could not find any trace of any heart problems – his heart was in perfect condition !

At the ‘Body, Soul, & Spirit Expo’ held at Edmonton, Alberta, in March, 2003 the booth opposite the Holistic Intuition Society booth was manned by a clairvoyant lady, Laura. She said that she could focus on a person that we were Healing using the Ptah Pendulum, and see dark spots in the aura; she watched, fascinated, as the Ptah Pendulum went straight to these dark spots and exploded them into Light.
Adjacent to her booth was a booth using Kirlian photography. The photograph of one lady showed that there was no aura to the right side of her head – so they asked us to do a Healing on her. They then photographed her again, and her aura had been restored.


Made of #14 gauge copper wire, the coils are about 1 inch / 2.5 cm diameter. The long coil is 5 inches / 14 cm long, and the short coil 3.5 inches / 9 cm long.
The photograph shows an early model – the new model is made of tinned copper wire (to stay bright) and has a chain with swivels instead of an adjustable string.
The Ptah Pendulum comes with an instructional brochure in an attractive and sturdy satchel.

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