Extraordinary Dowsing Techniques On-line Courses

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More than a Beginner’s Dowsing On-Line Self Directed Course

Extraordinary Dowsing Techniques

“How to ask questions and get true answers from your pendulum.”

Here is a short summary of what is included in the course:

  1.  A FREE pendulum
  2. This course consists of 21 short videos (less than 5 minutes long).
  3. Plus a downloadable eBook called Dowsing is IT! Intuition Technology a 47 page booklet complete with graphs and charts.
  4. I have added a bonus downloadable eBook called Sleep Well Be Healthy a 65 page booklet complete with graphs and charts
  5. There will also be 3 telecasts – once a month for 3 months to answer your dowsing questions.
  6. You will have access to a closed Facebook group to network with others taking the course as well as get your questions answered by your peers or by me.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Dowse with a pendulum
    • Ask clear questions
    • Get quick and accurate answers from your Intuition
    • Begin to access your Intuition on Demand, and
    • Begin to receive Heart Centered Guidance.

P.S. This course is a prerequisite for 2 of our upcoming courses Intuition Technology for Life and Business and Extraordinary Healing Techniques.