What is Geomancy?

Geomancy explores and heals the energy that flows beneath the ground – the earth’s circulatory system.

Geomancy explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place, and can enhance spiritual growth.
A geomancer works to clear and raise the frequencies of terrestrial electromagnetic energies in the form of leylines, earthen grids, vortex-portal systems and sacred geometric temples. This is an ancient science that comes to us through the mists of time and reminds of our deep sacred connection to the Earth – the Mother of all life.

What is water divining?

In dowsing for water I have found that it is not just where the water spirits are strongest that determines a good well location but where the landowner wants to find the water. Bill asked what a geomancer is. Liz’s reply was, “A geomancer is one who romances the land.” Therein lies the key. Where do we want to romance the water to reveal itself and does the water want to provide its life blood for human use? Where can we coax the water to come forth? We are not water witching which is beguiling the water, but rather we are forming a co-creative agreement to work together with the water elemental.

Drilling a well is expensive so it is easy to get stuck on the geo-technical aspects as to where to drill, how deep is the water, will the flow be enough and will it be sweet enough to drink? When Serah and I got home from our life altering week with the horses at Gateway 2 Ranch we watch the movie based on Margaret Atwood’s book, The Diviners. Watching the movie it became clear to us that a diviner is creating a divine relationship with the water. Using a peeled Y willow branch as a divining rod the diviner is singing the water to come forth to the surface from the secure depths of the earth.

An excerpt from my journal written when visiting Gateway 2 Ranch August 2009 to attend a week’s emersion and healing experience with a herd of seventeen horses.

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What is dowsing?

Dowsing is an inner process, a conversation between the rational and intuitive self, the left and right sides of the brain working synergistically to communicate with each other. The rational brain is used to pose the question and the answer comes from the intuitive brain.

Any dowsing tool such as a pendulum, bobber, L-rods or Y-rods is thus a passive witness to this process – something that our physical body can use to bring its deep, unspoken awareness of  Source to the conscious awareness of the alert mind. All things give off energetic radiation. Our own senses can feel and measure these energies. The pendulum becomes a communication device between the conscious and subconscious brain.

A pendulum receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things, and has been used for centuries. For instance, dowsing has been used by French physicians in helping make diagnosis, a science known as radiethesia. The practice of dowsing, either by pendulum or rod, is even noted before the time of Queen Cleopatra, whose own advisers used them extensively.

Alaria Baes says,

This 21st century dowser, Tyhson Banighen , will take you on a mystical and fascinating journey into discovering the many different levels and aspects of your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Crystal Information from Beau Vert

Crystal Skull Information from Beau Vert

Written by Serah Roer, Tuesday Feb 15th 2010  12.25pm

Q.  From Miguel Angels’ Mayan reading it appears that crystal skulls are in my cards and that I could work with them and the crystal kingdom more than I thought previously.

A.  Yes, you can and will work with crystal in all its various and beautiful forms. Having the collection  you do and with them all in one are area as they are here, allows us to converse, connect, exchange energies and really be of use to those who ask for our assistance in many ways.

The crystal itself is an elemental form of great age and depth, beyond your human range of understanding in time and space.  The colours and many facets unique to each crystal reflects their mineral makeup.  You as an individual resonates with green and blue colours, these watery tones and hues were deposited as the crystal formed within the earth in veins and deposits, collected and then compressed as new layers of earth, then new rock bore down and formed new land forms above. As you have been reading in the book of the moment (Underworld by Graham Hancock) your awareness of earth changes through ice ages, inundation, volcanic activity etc. has been alerted to those events in the past 14,000 years.  What we are talking about involves millions of years in the making.  Do you wonder that these beings in your living room have so much to tell you?!

You ask – What does that ancient knowledge do for humanity now?

My answer is – Whatever you want it to do. Like your human sages who impart knowledge from their life of much experience and many teachings, so do the crystals.  As part of The Mother Earth Beingness, our accumulated Knowledge, Energy and Love is boundless.  All we need to hear is that you recognise us as part of The Mother as are you.  We all bear mineral, elemental, chemical combinations, Light, Truth, Balance, Health, and Beauty. We are here for you and you for us.  We work together.  Just like the individual humans are, so are we.  You have given us names, created over time, to identify the chemical components and colour. Books have been written to reference these names with pictures to identify each ‘species’ of crystal.  Sensitive people have communicated with crystals to ‘hear of ‘ their properties and origins, healing powers and vibration.  We are very excited by the way we are used in the energy field to clear the human aura.

The group of crystals here are all synchronised now, from being in the company of each other, you and Tyhson, from the friends who visit and the plants and other Sacred Objects in your home.   Please be aware that whichever crystal chooses to travel with you brings the energies of the whole/home with them.

Q.  The naming of the variety of crystal, like the name of the species of flower/plant, is it important to know and remember which is which?

A.  Appreciation of the qualities of a crystal or a flower – its colour, weight, brilliance, beauty, fragrance, geometry are all qualities that could be appreciated and are immediately evident. The ‘official name’ is less important unless you want to ‘feel’ important by knowing it!

Q. Why is clear Quartz colourless?

A. The mineral deposit in the strata where Clear Quartz Crystal forms is in the purest clearest water with elements that have the pure White Light of the total spectrum of colours.  You may notice that crystal pendants hanging in the sunny window cast a rainbow spectrum in the room.  Experiment with other crystals.  Do they create a spectrum of rainbow colours?  Serpent Rainbow Joe (Tyhson’s crystal skull) has rainbows within the crystal from reflections of mineral inclusions within; Smokey quartz leans towards the grounding stone varieties; Amethyst, being violet/purple, is next in Light ascendance to the pure Quartz Crystal, as is the colour in the Chakra system next to the Crown Chakra. As the Chakras portray, colours signify their purpose and can be related to human health issues. Dark reds and browns to grey, smoky/black, being the earthiest colours and Chakra levels. We love the attention you give us and the way your mind expands as the information is accepted and stored for your future use.

Like your cat, we love Human attention when Love and much respect is shared.

Thank you Dear Beau Verte!

Listening to the Crystal Skull Beau Vert

Listening to the Crystal Skull Beau Vert

Written by Serah Roer
Thursday, 03 September 2009 11:01

Meditation Group at Sharon’s, Wednesday afternoon May 2nd 2009

Crystal Skulls, Serpent Rainbow Joe, Beau Vert  and the Temple Heart Dow Crystal, big Organite Puck and  candle grouping in their usual  places on the floor in the centre of the circle of people:-  Rachel, Joanna, Jadranka, Donna, Tyhson, Serah, Sharon and Debbie.  At the end of the quiet, deep meditation time, Beau Vert attracted my attention and I felt a vibration through my skin.  Reached for a piece of paper and looked for a pen to write something down. – Pen not found.  The meditation was over and a long period of sharing took place with the group.  I mentioned to the group about the feeling I had had about a message coming through from Beau Vert and it would be allowed through when I got home.

May 3rd @7am.  Living room at home with Beau Vert in my left hand,

“Messages from crystal require much focus and little thought.  No effort of the mind is necessary.  The beauty of the crystal’s ‘mind’ is pure, ego free, natural and flowing. Beau Vert enjoys his time with you Serah.  Your innocence as to the power wielded in your pen is refreshing and something you may treasure. Receiving information through mind – to – pen action takes trust and focus.  The words flow gently at the pace they are written in. No pressure, stammering, overflow or doubt enters the picture. Now to the day’s message from the Meditation Group yesterday:-

The way you bring the skulls and big crystal each time to mediation is an indication of your sincerity to their worth at a very deep level. Indeed we are a part of your group.  A bigger part than you may realize.  When the visioning starts to flow we are in the centre, the place where the heartfelt energy of you all is focused.  We love to watch and hear the random connections, the ramble and sometimes wide spread fears and hopes being expressed.  The filaments of thought, emotion, energy pulses and healing modalities that fill the space in your chamber of meditation come to us in the centre.  We spark off like synapses in the brain to deliver out an ‘aha!’ a connection, a recollection, a humorous thought or a deep memory.  This is a true and very necessary and viable method of clearing, healing and preparation for the changes in the days and times ahead.  Somehow you all know that your work together as a group is serving in so many ways and infinite directions.  As crystal beings, we receive information, store it and as the conscious awareness of a two legged increases, we impart the knowledge to beings such as yourself.

“Imagine”, as John Lennon sang, ‘if all the world was one!’  You know that it is just a oneness that is glued together with the deep Love of Creation. Creative sparks are what fires the Love, generates Peace, holds the Violet Flame, Co-creates Universal Energy, Heals the Mother and gives Power to Father Creator.  The cohesiveness of groups, who come together regularly, faithfully, through thick and thin, carrying the torch for mankind, could be considered a very big part of the Saving Grace of your Planet Earth.   Groups of sincere, strong, courageous folk have met like you do through the ages, fed by a need to discover truth, freedom and unconditional Love. Working with Elementals, Angels, Devas and Crystals; Creative Human artistry of poetry, paint and prose; learning from All-That-Is, how extraordinarily connected such seemingly disparate factors really are.

Know this- you are not alone……….you are ALL ONE.

Thank you for listening and sharing this message.  I am your little green fluorite Skull, Beau Vert”.