Invocation to Water

The fastest way to heal yourself is to charge water you drink with your intention. Start with good quality alkaline water. If you don’t have good quality water and you are drinking tap water or bottled water then I suggest you check out the Cerra water pitcher.

Now get a  a large gal jar, actually any size will do, but I prefer a large jar to fill the kettle, to cook with and to drink from. Now write your intentions on a piece of paper that you will tap onto the side of the jar.

I suggest the Ho’oponopono prayer, I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, but you can add other words like Health, Wellness, Prosperity, etc.

Now pour a glass of water and cup your hands around the glass and charge it further by saying the following :

Invocation to Water.

We take this the water of life.

And declare it the water of Light.

As we bring it within our bodies

It allows our bodies to illuminate.

As we take this the water of Light.

We declare it the water of the God I AM

I am a Master in all that I AM

Thank You

Now drink the water and imagine the light traveling to that parts of your body that require healing love.

Blessings on the return path to the Light!

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