How can I increase the intensity of my clearing or de-possession actions?

Organite2One way is to create an organ generator layout in the house and/or on your property which helps intensify the clearing action by excluding any repossession attempts. When the organ generators were made the crystals within the generators where programmed to clear all non beneficial energy from the surrounding area in which they are placed.

When three or more generators are placed in an area such as a property, house etc. a grid is formed because the crystals communicate with each other. The resulting action is that the intensity of the intent that has been placed to crystals is intensified. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The crystal grid can also be programmed to run other intentions for the duration any time specified including 24/7 without interrupting but adding to the original intent, So an additional  could be to  clear all entities or intrusions from any source and create a grid so they cannot re-inhabit the property or house etc.  More information about organ generators and how to buy them is available here.

If you are interested in creating a grid then email  or phone Tyhson toll free in North America 1 866-569-7464 for a free quote.


  1. Good day Sir,

    I have this morning listened to your recent interview and clearing session with Kathy Wilson.

    It was truly amazing! I of course wish to continue doing clearing on myself with your deep clearing instruction download. I am not finding this download for the whole list of releasing .

    Would you kindly help me? I only have access to my I-pad for now, do you have a special link for this purpose to send me.

    The only mention on left side of web page I see is clearing(2). I look forward to continuing my self improvement with you sir. God bless.

    Love and light,

  2. Claire

    Under the Articles column click on Videos which will open the online video and sign up so you can download the text. If you are having difficulties you can also find it on uTube.


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