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energy Imagine being vibrationally healthy with all the energy you need to get you through the day…….

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  • Regain your vital energy.
  • Create the world you want to live in.

First, watch this FREE Introductory Deep Clearing Video

The Deep Clearing Text being read so you can follow along.


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I highly recommend the 30-minute deep clearing he mentions for anyone out of balance body/soul/spirit for whom conventional methods have not worked. Thank you Tyhson Banighen Lorena Calin 4/27/2017

Thank you very much for this information. I did find the link eventually and have been doing the deep clearing for several days (I’m already 96% clear but at first was only 50% which surprised me given all the healing and work I’ve done with Violet Flame and High Beings). I’m fine with dowsing so won’t need the online course. It’s been a precious tool for the past 15yrs but like a lot of people – I find I am really coming into my own with healing/clearing at this time and feel I can start to contribute more to the planet as a Light- worker than ever before.
I greatly appreciate the value of this deep pendulum clearing – its thoroughness is quite amazing! Very best wishes  Kenna 9/13/2015

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  1. Erika L Soul

    thankyou Tyhson for this video it is nice to see you in person and great for others to view this and listen to you and learn how to do it for themselves..I have been dowsing with this protocol for a while and in the beginning I didn’t like the terminology of some of the items and and it put me off but after a while I got past my minds resistance and started reading it and downloading it so I can clear it easily with one Macro word ! I have used it alot and shared it in my Soul Energy Healing group I facilitate on facebook and we have a large list of names down for receiving the dowsing of this on my list and sender board. I find it very useful to check how clear I am and then dowse with this clearing and when I check afterwards I am 100% clear. I know this because of how different I feel from before ! So I have already shared this video and added it to my Favourites on my Rainbow Healings channel !!
    While watching this I felt alot of energy shifting and clearing from me ! I am an Energy Healing practitioner and work with people online and on the phone and in person alot. So I highly recommend this clearing to others. Thankyou and God Bless , Soulerika .

  2. tyhsonbanighen.ca

    Thank you Erica L. Soul for your kind words and yes I have trouble with the words at times myself but I try and do every action like you for the Most Benevolent Outcome for all concerned on all dimensions of reality both known and unknown.

    Thank you for the light you bring to the world.

  3. Madhu

    Hi how do I get the text for reading alongside as I cannot open the page http://www.energy detective.ca

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      Go to the clearing DVD at http://energydetective.ca/2013/clearings/free-deep-clearing-video/ and fill out the form and download the file. Thanks for clearing the planet one persona at a time starting with yourself.

    2. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      The full text for the Deep Clearing can be downloaded by using this link to sign up. http://energydetective.ca/category/clearings/videos/deep-clearing-dvd/

  4. Madhu

    Can I work with the deep clearing for others and if yes how do I do .thank you

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      If you download the Deep Clearing text and read it it mentions that when you do a personal clearing you can include others but writing their names on the back of the clearing protocol. You can include friends, love ones, work mates, houses, workplaces, hospitals etc. Just write on top of the sheet of names, “When i clear myself I have the intention to clear everyone and ever thing written on this paper and then start clearing. Thanks for helping clear the planet one person at a time starting with yourself.

    2. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      Yes you can! Say the following statement as you start to clear yourself. “When I clear myself my intention is to also clear (state the person’s name and if there are more than a few names then write them on a piece of paper and attached it to the deep clearing text and say the following. “When I clear myself my intention is to also clear everyone on the list” and then proceed with the deep clearing.

  5. madhu

    Thanks for your valuable input .I have a business of selling gift bags but not getting customers though it is appreciated a lot .So what should i include in the clearing list ?Only name of the company or should i write past present and future customers of …..Please guide .Thanks

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      I suggest you clear yourself first, your employees second, your store third and your customers past, present and future. I suggest you do it daily. Write the following on the back of the printed out deep clearing protocol. You can include friends, love ones, work mates, houses, workplaces, hospitals etc. Just write on top of the sheet of names, “When i clear myself I have the intention to clear everyone and ever thing written on this paper and then start clearing. Thanks for helping clear the planet and your store one person at a time starting with yourself.

  6. Jessica

    You have a wonderful site here, but your misinformation regarding Orion Galaxy is haunting! Are you accessing the Akasha to gain insight about Orion and it’s inhabitants? Why would anyone need to be cleared of any (as you stated) Orion Galaxy “negative” energy?
    However, I was completely taken aback that there was no mention of Draconian’s negative energies.

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      Due to further investigation I agree with you that every star nation has both positive and negative aspects as each nation work through the illusion of separation. I agree that the Draco star nation is more deeply into the illusion of separation and the Orion nation is much closer to fully living in the light of oneness. I will change the wording of the clearing as soon as possible. Thank you for your insightful comments.

  7. mary

    In conclusion: I hear the words “i declare i am no longer a victor.” Should be as written ” i am no longer a victim.”

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      Yes thank you it should be, “I am no longer a victim.”

  8. mary

    “in my holy name” spoken–it says “i allow no non-beneficial energies….” The written text sounds more correct I Allow ALL non- benefical energies….

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      “in my holy name I translate, transmute, transfigure (etc.)__________________________ all non-beneficial energies______________ (etc.)” What is important is create a clear intention statement of what you want to clear.

  9. mary

    I don’t understand many of the words. Is there a dictionary of terms…as they are used for the clearing? !!

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      The words used in the deep clearing are not important to know. It is not a knowing activity of the brain, intellect or ego but rather the building of a coherent heart resonance bioenergy field that transmutes all non beneficial energies and protects you from any further intrusions into your bioenergy field. When you are doing a deep clearing you are tuning into a resonance field that has been created by all those that have done a deep clearing before, so it is a field of energy that can be accessed and downloaded any time it is needed by saying “clear.”

  10. mary

    when i finish–the pendulum does not stop until it swings in a yes answer. Any idea what that is?

    1. tyhsonbanighen.ca

      It is best to determine what each action of the pendulum means when you set up your “protocol” More on this in the More than a Beginner’s Dowsing Course on The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy http://www.academy.in2it.ca I would think the pendulum going to a yes answer means yes it is clear. Check with your pendulum to see if this correct for you.

  11. Filomena

    Hi I can´t find the protocol.

    I received an e-mail, but not the protocol.


    1. Monicka Gregory

      Hi Filomena

      I just sent you an email

  12. jillian

    Can you please send me the deep energy clearing chart

    1. Tyhson Banighen

      Please use this link to access the Deep Clearing Chart

      1. Lisa

        Deep clearing chart.

        1. Tyhson Banighen

          To receive the Dowsing chart and Deep Clearing Manual head over to the Dowsing and Energy Healing Closed Facebook Page under Files at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dowsingandenergyhealing/ or sign in at http://energydetective.ca/2015/other-topics/free-energy-clearing-teleclinc-every-tuesday/#.WIkXL3_jUZw

  13. Cathy

    Where are the links? I see them listed in menu and even in your replies, but there isn’t an actual link?

    1. Tyhson Banighen

      Sign in using the form provided to obtain the link to download the Deep Clearing for free, or join the FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/dowsingandenergyhealing and download it from the Files.

  14. Jill Sutter

    I have misplaced my deep clearing chart, but I can’t find it on your website……could you please advise where I can find it? Thanks so much!

    1. Tyhson Banighen

      Head over to http://energydetective.ca/category/clearings/videos/deep-clearing-dvd and fill out the form to receive the latest version of the Deep Clearing. Also it can be found in the files on the Dowsing and Energy Healing Closed Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/dowsingandenergyhealing/ /

  15. Tyhson Banighen

    Hi Tyhson

    Thank you for sharing your deep clearing teachings, they work very well and I’ve used them alot. I was searching your home page for the latest or most current deep clearing sheet and was unable to find it, can you please direct me. Also was wondering if you had thoughts about adding a phrase to clear AI directly..

    Thanks for your time

    1. b

      Finally found the clearing sheet here


      The link is missing from this page, hope this helps others

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  2. Gallery » Wide Eyed Video Productions

    I have done this clearing for years and consider one of my top 10 tools for keeping life on track. Remember to get the PDF so you can read along with the video.

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