Deep Clearing & Exorcism of Possession Questions & Answers

ManyBodiesQ. I feel tired, frustrated, out of sorts, worried, stressed and depressed. I can’t get a handle on it. What is going on?  

A. The planet is undergoing rapid change and so are we. It feels like the roller coaster of life is speeding up. To keep up we are being forced to clear trauma from our lives. Learning how to ground and clear our aura (energy fields) is increasingly important. Most people have their auric field wide open to a level of intrusion from entities and outside influences of 75% of their energy being drained away. Energetically they are being eaten alive. The symptoms are you feel drained, exhausted, worried, stressed and depressed which can lead to being overwhelmed and even mental disorders. A Deep Clearing will strengthen your field. You become a sovereign being at home in your body free from any interference from other beings or dimensions.

Q. What is the difference between doing a Deep Clearing Protocol or having an exorcism of possession done?

A. The Deep Clearing protocol is great for maintaining your or another’s energy field.  But, if you or the person you are assisting cannot stay clear then it is best to hire an exoticism  to provide some assistance.

Q. Why when I am doing a deep clearing of myself I am not getting the results I want?

A. Don’t forget your house can be a big part of any repossession problem. Entities in a house think they are alive and your clearing activities (i.e. trying get rid of them) generally pisses them off. As you clear yourself don’t forget to clear your house. Imagine in your mind eye creating a light portal of blinding light in your house or outside your house and help the entities turn and walk towards the light. Tell them their love ones are waiting for them on the other side.

Q. Why when I call one soul I am getting entities that claim they are part of me?

When you call one soul or undertake a soul retrieval make sure you are only bring back those parts of yourself that are cleansed and healed by the pure 100% divine light.

Q. How can I increase the intensity of my clearing or depossesion actions?

A. An organite layout in the house and/or on your property helps intensify the clearing action but excluding an repossession attempts. For more information or organ generators.

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