Further Conversations with Dolphins and Whales

Written by Tyhson Banighen Sunday, 25 November 2007 20:00

With the assistance of Linda Shay, the Dolphin Ambassador (www.dolphinheartworld.com), I took three deep breaths and sighed on the exhale as I descended deeper into the inner ocean of my being. Linda said she could already feel a strong large whale presence. Linda asked if I had any specific requests, and I didn’t. She gave a short invocation asking for the dolphins’ assistance for a successful journey, to remove any barriers that might impede their transmission and asked them to make any necessary inner adjustments so I would be open to receive. Linda said she would hang up the phone now and wished me a pleasant journey.

It was 6:15 am so I went back to bed. Lying on my back I descended further into the inner ocean of consciousness leaving the surface waves of awareness behind. The ocean world I entered was calm, expansive and all encompassing like the mind matrix that connects the whales. My teeth began clicking making sonar clicks like the dolphins. I was communicating in dolphinese. The dolphins quickly appeared like “the chatty Cathys” of the sea that they are with lots of energy and lots to talk about. I was watching them as if in the wild. I was invited to swim into their mind matrix and experience them from the inside out. I happily swam in and the communication flowed like water as I let go of the body part of my mind. Our sonar clicks were forming holographic pictures in my mind of any time, space or dimension we agreed as a pod to focus on and swim into. I was told that our human mind as yet did not have the frontal lobe development like theirs to have holographic images in our everyday awake state. But in the ocean mind as part of the pod I could swim with them into the consciousness of the earth’s Akashic records or that of any other planetoid or star system. The dolphins wanted me to know that they think humans take life way too seriously and that we need to learn how to let go and play. We should always be swimming through life supported by a sea of pure joy.

The whales said that their third dimensional bodies are like the tips of icebergs and their multidimensional beingness is far more expansive. The whale consciousness matrix is intergalactic in scope and range. They swim the seas of outer spaces as voyagers between stars systems. They are ready to swim into any planetary life stream that is ready to receive them as interstellar ambassadors. The humpbacks feed on krill and phytoplankton, the one celled life forms that supposedly were part of the primordial soup from which life on this planet emerged. These little light beings are ingested and become the inner light of the whales. For humans it is the same. If you ingest phytoplankton the body detoxifies and you are able to swim in the inner light. As this light helps the body heal there is more chi energy available in the body chemistry to en-lighten you. The humpback whales are the angels of the sea and they encourage us to become earth angels.

I was greeted by a pod of Orca or killer whales. I can’t say I have been very comfortable around Orcas as I have seen how they hunt seals. They said ‘yes we are the wolves of the sea, but like wolves we are not born with a fear of man. It is rather a trait learned through our experience with humans. Like any wild animal if you approach us as equals, with no fear and with respect, we will greet you in turn the same way.’

I was concerned about the whaling expedition that had just left Japan to harvest whales. How could I help? They said to help create a fog that envelopes the whaling fleet every time they spot the whales. This type of activism is untraceable to source. So for those that feel called I ask you to help create a merkaba that is programmed through intention to be triggered to create such a fog every time the whales are sighted by the whaling fleet so the whales can slip away undetected. I declare it so and so it is.

We talked about the coming times and the ascension of the planet. They assured me that they had learned from past experience that it was much easier to weather continental earth changes in the ocean than on land. As the coastlines sink into the sea whole aspects of our cities will stay intact as they slip into the watery grave, so that future civilizations like ours can discover that it has happened before and that it can happen again. The turtle island legend is held by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Rim, which is the ring of volcanic fire that was created when Lemuria sank beneath the waves. They say that the earth’s continents are supported on the back of a giant turtle that if not nurtured and sustained will roll over and sink beneath the sea. Legend has it that it has happened before and it can happen again unless we all become earth stewards on the back of this giant turtle.

The dolphins and whales act as guides to help us connect our minds with our hearts and to swim in the inner-outer ocean of the holographic brain of the omniverse. In this way we will discover that we, like the whales and dolphins, are also inter-dimensional and interplanetary beings. There is talk of a future alien invasion but we have already landed a long time ago only we just haven’t quite re-membered yet, and with that awareness

I sank deeper into sleep.

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    • Linda Shay on April 9, 2014 at 5:42 pm
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    Hi Tyhson!

    Remember me?

    Wow … I just found this as I did a google search trying to find a blog I created a while back.
    This such a beautiful write-up of your Dolphin Energy session with me so long ago!
    Couldn’t resist sending a quick message of reconnection.

    I hope all is well in your world!

    In Dolphin Love & Joy!
    Linda Shay

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