A Sacred Journey: The Flight of the Stellar Serpent

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A Sacred Journey: The Flight of the Stellar Serpent

December 4 – 13, 2007

Serah Roer and I joined with 30 others from Australia, Canada, USA and Mexico on a sacred journey of the Maya. This is my written journal of our sacred journey.

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Flight of the Stellar Serpent:A Sacred Journey

December 4 to 13, 2007

Our spiritual guide was Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, Ph.D. who studied for 17 years with Mayan elder, Don Vincente Martin, a wisdom keeper, professional teacher and artist. Having studied, taught and lived the Maya wisdom for over 25 years, Miguel Angel himself is considered a master in his own right, known as Master Nazul. He leads seminars in Mexico and overseas on Mayan astronomy, philosophy, calendar, glyphs and symbols, medicine, cosmo-vision, traditions and prayers, ceremonies and healing. His knowledge of the sacred Mayan sites enables activation of their powerful energies, and an understanding as to how messages were imprinted, the meanings of the glyphs and the use of different buildings as well as how ceremonies were conducted, some of which he shared with us in a heart-centered style. Miguel Angel Vergara is the author of several books on the Maya, including two on Chichen Itza, where for two years he served as the site director and a recent book on the Mayan goddesses and the role of women in the ancient Maya culture.

Day One: Dec. 4 (Arrival in Villahermosa, Mexico)

Our sacred journey began in the city of Villahermosa, the capital city of the State of Tabasco situated in the lowland delta regions of the Gulf of Mexico where the Usamacinta River flows past into the Gulf.

Arriving at our hotel we discovered a fresco of Maya cosmology in the lobby, which depicts the story of the quest for enlightenment from the Maya point of view. The Flight of the Stellar Serpent is anyone’s journey from the darkness of the unknown Underworld, the climb up the Sacred Mountain to unite in ceremony and visions with the light of those that have gone before and to become one with the cosmos.

Day Two: Dec. 5 (Olmec Beginnings)

After breakfast and introductions we visit Parque de La Venta, a one-of-a-kind outdoor archaeology museum in a beautiful park setting. Here there are giant stone heads from the Olmec civilization (1200-400 BC), located mostly in the lowland area of the Gulf of Mexico. The Olmec are the oldest known civilization in Mexico, mother civilization of the Maya, and one of the first to develop glyphic script and to use numbers. The Olmec originally came from Mu or Lemuria. In Mayan “Ol” means “hear” and “Ec” or “Ek” means “from the stars,” so translated it means hear us we are star beings, your ancient ancestors that came to populate earth, and then ascended to other dimensions. The Mayan, Olmec, Toltec, Zapotec, Aztec, Mixtec, Yaqui, Alux who are the little people, the Hopi, Annasasi and Tibetans are all offshoots from the motherland Lemuria or the later colonies of Atlantis.

Miguel Angel, our spiritual guide, can connect and communicate energetically with these amazing Olmec heads, animal sculptures, stelae and altars. He encouraged us to do the same and then share what we received. Miguel helped us understand that the Olmec artefacts provide us with insight into the ancient ascension technology of the Lemurians. Many show yoga positions. For example, one shows a man clasping his hands behind his head with his neck tilted all the way back so his third eye receives the maximum rays of the sun. His third eye is in a straight line with his pituitary gland and the mouth of god (the point at the top of the spine that connects to the skull) so the energy can flow down the spine to the earth chakra beneath his feet. This energy from above is met by the Kundalini energy as it rises with each breath up his spine. His skull opens to the stars so he can commune with his star ancestors, and his heart chakra opens to embrace all of life everywhere.

Another sculpture shows a being on his knees in the prayer position which activates the two chakras found there. Another sits in the lotus position, while another is being born anew from the mouth of the cosmic serpent. The serpent represents the aroused Kundalini. Another ancient being sitting in the lotus position says he has incarnated and ascended in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and as part of the Olmec and Maya civilizations. Up his back are two cords representing the Kundalini system and where the two energies, the Ida and Pingala join and mix in the skull area. Miguel Angel asked that I, as the caretaker of the crystal skull Rainbow Joe, place him in his lap which contained a small pool of rain water. I then anointed him with the water so he will carry this ancient ones’ enlightened energy to others that hold him. (For more information on how I became the caretaker of the crystal skull Rainbow Joe visit my web site, www.energydetective.ca)

Most impressive are the colossal heads that are carved in basalt from a quarry some 75 miles away. Some heads weigh up to 20 tons, and stand 10 ft high, and it remains a mystery how these figures were moved to their current position using conventional means. Miguel Angel believes these heads were not carved but rather the rock material was made flexible and they were then formed or moulded in place. Many of the sculptures include deeply gouged markings as if made by a jaguar’s claws. The jaguar ‘balam’ represents hidden knowledge. This moulding technology was also used to create jade paving stones of the same uniform size. Jade stone represents the jewel of the heart, the center of the cosmos, the stars and the void of life. Some jade stones were arranged into the shape of a jaguar platform that was used for healing. (Handout, Miguel Angel Vegara, Mayan Cosmic University, 2007) The person was placed in the center between the third eye and the mouth to receive the healing energies from the jade.  Another stone is in the shape of a dolphin which indicates the capability of interspecies communication. (For more information about communication with whales and dolphins visit my web site, www.energydetective.ca)

We traveled up river through the Usumacinta River valley, through Tabasco into Chiapas and on to visit Palenque for the start of the Flight of the Stellar Serpent. We joined Dr. Richard Jelusich, PhD. for a lecture that evening on the Hidden Meanings of the lid of Pacal Votan’s Sarcophagus. The lid weighs five tons and cannot be removed from the deep underground place where it was originally created. Then the Temple of Inscriptions was built around it and now encases the tomb. There is a stairway like a vulva for rebirth into wisdom that leads from the burial chamber below to the top of the Temple of Inscriptions. Unfortunately it was closed so we only saw slides of the lid during Richard’s presentation. There is an Earth Spirit Speaking Tube that connects the tomb with the pyramid’s ceremonial chamber above so the priest could communicate with Lord Pacal. The Temple of Inscriptions has non linear encoded time signals that are being decoded and the deeper meanings being revealed during the closing of this World Age 1980 to 2012. (For more information on the time codes visit Ian Xel Lungold’s site at www.mayanmajix.ca.)

Richard showed how multi-layers of meaning in the sarcophagus lid were discovered by Maurice Cotteral using acetate overlays created by those that could conceive and create that which is beyond the third dimension. The lid contains over one hundred secret pictures including a crystal skull, the jaguar that brings hidden knowledge and illumination, the great bear composite, man and snake with wings, boy with feathered headdress, a young Pacal, an eagle with forked tongue flying towards the viewer and an Olmec head looking down on the bat god Zat of death. Pacal was a king, a shaman, a time avatar, an ascended master and to his people he was first and foremost a family patriarch and his genealogy had to show that he was a descendant of the gods. He undertook ritualized bloodletting of the tongue and penis to open the portal to the supernatural realm to demonstrate his healing and initiatory powers. In this way he could commune with the ancestors and the gods, and have them take form in this plane of existence. The lid demonstrates that with the innocent child’s open awareness which is cosmic consciousness one can experience infinitude of realities and ways to understand beyond our ordinary reality. (Notes and thoughts generated from presentation by Richard Jelusich, 2007 www.lightnews.org )

José Argüelles, presents the importance of the legacy of Pacal Votan, as ‘time’s witness’. He outlines his beliefs in what he calls the Telektonon which is named after the voice tube that connects Pacal Votan’s sarcophagus with the temple above and was used by the priests to connect with him during ceremonies. Jose states: “When Pacal Votan’s tomb at Palenque in Mexico was discovered in 1952, it was as if a time capsule had been opened. The encoded information contained on the lid of the tomb was freed to start working on the modern human psyche which has become alienated from the natural rhythms of the planet and imprisoned in materialistic consciousness.”

Others have written, “José Argüelles has decoded The Prophecy of Pacal Votan …and encourages people to experience time as the fourth dimension. Towards this end he created the educational tool Dreamspell and Telektonon, a game or divinatory tool which have been given, he believes, to him José Argüelles, by Pacal Votan and the Galactic Federation. José Argüelles believes he is heir to the legacy of Pacal Votan and the instrument of his prophecy, Telektonon. Telektonon is a technology of telepathy revealed as the day-to-day unfolding of the 13-Moon 28-Day Calendar. Its purpose is to overcome the bondage of false time and recover the powers and knowledge of true time synchronization.”

I believe José Argüelles is a genius, a grand synthesizer of both trans-personal and trans-cultural information, even though I agree we must free ourselves from the bondage of time especially the Gregorian calendar that was conceived by church and state to disconnect humans from the cycles and natural rhythms of the earth, nature and the heavens. However, I do not resonate with the Dreamspell calendar that he suggests should replace the Gregorian calendar. The name ‘dream spell’ is appropriate as it is only the reality of a dream invoked by a ‘spell.’  One illusion is substituted or overshadowed by another illusion. I follow the long count of the traditional Maya. More information can be found in the writings of Ian Xel Lungold at http://www.mayanmajix.ca/ and Carl Calleman’s works at http://www.calleman.com/.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Dark Lords use time as an illusion to separate us from re-member-ing that we are creator gods. We are enslaved by our fear of the unknown. José Argüelles  writes:

30.  I am Pacal Votan, time’s special witness, galactic agent of the Nine Great Lords of Destiny, by oath pledged to the honour of Bolon Ik.

31.  In my body of time, thirteen star histories rehearse themselves for the day of truth. Each star history possesses its own knowledge keeper appointed by the Nine Great Lords of Galactic Destiny. Thirteen Wisdom Holders, Nine Great Lords, 22 in all, to each of whom I am bounded by a luminous thread of knowing, ….” (http://www.lawoftime.org/2012/telektonon-prophecy.html)

I think José Argüelles here is referring to the opening of the thirteen chakras. Each chakra is connected to a space time dimensional reality – the first through to the thirteenth dimension. The Maya use sacred plants to open to these other realities. Each dimension connects to the original thirteen star nations that seed populated planet Earth and from which we have descended. These thirteen star histories, I believe, are contained in the thirteen ancient talking crystal skulls, that will be brought to Pacal Votan’s Palace for ceremony. This ceremony will mark the end of the illusionary bondage of time which will be the end of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld. Only time will tell if this is true.

Pacal Voltan believed in the immortality of the Soul. Kina Ah-Nab Pakal believed he was an incarnation of the King of the Sun or Shield of the Sun. The tomb lid represents his descent down the great trunk of the World Tree into the jaws of the Otherworld, his battle there and his resurrection. As Pacal descends he is accompanied by the image of a half skeletal monster head carrying a bowl of sacrifice marked with glyph of the sun… Like the sun, the king would rise again in the east after his journey through Xibalba (the Underworld). He was after all the living manifestation of the Hero Twins who set the example of how to defeat the Lords of Death by tricking them. (A Forest of Kings, p.266)

Under the lids of the tomb cavities are a red cinnabar color representing the alchemical Mercury of the philosopher’s stone that is used to transmute the Lead of the Ego personality into the Gold of the Spirit. One of the cavities has a fish shaped cavity like that of a whale indicating the Piscean Age and interspecies communication. The skeleton’s face was covered by a jade mask made of 400 separate pieces, with eyes of obsidian and bone. Jade, to the Maya, was considered more valuable than gold. Of the healing gemstones, jade is known as the “dream stone” and brings realization to your potential and devotion to your purpose. Jade is the symbol of tranquility and wisdom. When worn as amulet jewellery, jade prevents nightmares, heals many diseases, and prolongs life. This healing stone also promotes peace, fidelity, and confidence. Jade also opens the qualities of mercy and compassion. (http://lightisreal.com/healinggemstones.html )

In his mouth is Ik the wind spirit that transmutes the new knowledge, the teacher’s wisdom that comes from the union of opposites: sky and earth, birth and death, light and dark, good and evil. There is a piece of jade in his mouth to pay those who helped him across to the other side. In the right hand he holds a flint cube, the Earth, like the philosophers stone, while in his left hand he holds a flint sphere which is Cosmic Consciousness. Hunab K’u the main god of the Mayans is represented with a circle and a square. In the Mayan religion, the serpent symbolically represents the seven powers of light, energies distributed throughout the body as a gift of the Giver of Movement and Measure, Hunab K’u (the Creator). The seven powers combined and awakened form a circuit of energy focused through the crown of the head to join in the Dance and Flow of energies of the Creator. (http://www.adishakti.org/prophecies/26_hunab_ku_has_flashed_like_lightning.htm )

According to the Mayan shaman Hunbatz Men, “Both geometric shapes mean he was a High Initiate, because even after finishing his physical life, the teacher Pacal Votan continued traveling in other dimensions bearing this wisdom … When they are taught in their lineal form, the circle has a value of 13 and the square of 20; when both geometric shapes are taught in their plain form, their value changes. In the case of the teacher Pacal Votan, in whose hands these geometric shapes were found, but in their 3-dimensional form, this means that he was very aware of how to work with the third dimension mathematically. Certainly, this knowledge belongs only to the High Initiate.”

His jade earrings are symbols of infinite wisdom of all Akashic records of past lives and connections to the cosmos. Around his mouth is a square piece signifying the four directions that will carry his sacred words in the right way. The bat symbol, Sotz, on the forehead is the soul that emerges out of the causal plane of man’s forehead as the True Man or Great Man, Halach-Winik, the principal leader. This position was hereditary and was passed from the father to his oldest male son. If there weren’t any, then it would be passed to his oldest brother. Besides his government duties, the Halach-Winik presided over many religious ceremonies. He was advised in many matters by a group of priests and noble men that where called “Ah Cuchcab.” Around his neck is a necklace of 118 jade beads, the symbol of the Divine Mother Kundalini that brings truth and victory through higher consciousness. Ten makes the one, one and one makes the trinity, father, mother and son, nine rings of thirteen beads is 108, the same number as the Buddhist Mala prayer beads. All these are sacred or cosmic measurements that connects one with the divine or father energy of the sun. His tomb is a gift across space and time from the ancient ones providing a royal road, sak ba, which we can follow ourselves to connect with our own divinity.

Pacal Votan has a bracelet with nine strings of beads. On each finger he wears a ring representing the ten Sephiroth of the Kaballah. He has nine collars of jade. All these adornments have numerological significance for the Maya. They collectively represent the connection of his inner fire to the sacred fire of the Sun that gives life to all and brings him en-light-en-ment.

There is Jade piece over his penis which symbolizes the lunar sexual transmutation with the Lucifer of light and the fire system within that creates the Firestone Tepen-gukomatz malk. Near his left foot is a symbol of protection against the forces of good and evil. There is a face of three flowers on his head, past, present and future. Across from Pacal Votan is lady the woman Red Queen. Flower of self realization, Halach-Uinik.

The tomb was discovered in 1952. The lid depicts Pacal Voltan being rebirthed from the mouth of the rattle snake or ascending to another dimension of reality. There are three carved faces looking down and three carved faces looking up. There is a Sacred Macaw on the upper level of the lid. The Ceiba with its red sap represents the Tree of Life, the central axis of the world, and the seven chakras of the spine that one climbs from the natural to the supernatural which is depicted in the center level of the lid as the center of the cosmos. The Tree of Life is also the Milky Way, the path home to the stars and with its cross the cosmic serpent, the cosmic symbol of the death of the ego with the rising of the Kundalini energy and rebirth into cosmic consciousness. Pacal is seated on his throne, Mother Earth with the seven seals of prophecy. Pacal Voltan was a teacher that brought cosmic knowledge to the Maya like a Krishna or a Christ. He showed how to become a feathered rainbow serpent, Kukulcan, who merged heaven with earth.

Day Three: Dec. 6 (Misol Ha / Palenque)

We travel along a winding road up into the mountains to the beautiful 115 ft high waterfall at Misol Ha. Here Miguel Angel leads us in an ancient ceremony of purification. The ceremony took place on the rocks under the waterfall. Three people at a time went up on the rocks and stood under the falling curtain of water with their arms outstretched. We then threw a crystal as an offering into the deep pool below the rocks. Rainbow Joe had his own baptism and experienced the waterfall on his own. He then joined me under the waterfall and then sat against the rock face reflecting the inner and outer world as one.  As part of this cleansing we asked that our chakras be cleared so we may walk through the sacred lands of the Maya in a heightened state of awareness, thus allowing us to receive the wisdom and hidden meanings of Mayan architecture, art, and glyphs. Mayan means chosen ones, people of the serpent from the Pleiades constellation.

We travel on to Palenque or Nah Chen Kann which means House or Temple of the Serpent in the Infinite. Palenque is the place of knowledge and wisdom, the Cosmic University of the Royal Arts. This sacred site is filled with some of the most beautiful architecture and artwork found anywhere in the Maya world. We walk through the site most of which is still covered by jungle. As we entered the site I heard the wind in my right ear. I would take three steps and the wind would speak ‘three more steps’ and then I heard the wind again. This occurred four times. Miguel said the T shapes cut in the temple walls represented ‘Ik’, the wind spirit who was greeting me. ‘Ik’ is the Lord of the Wind, the breath of Kukulcan, the celestial music and the song of the quetzal bird.

The front of the Temple of Inscriptions is a giant inverse “T”, the key. Open your ears and listen to the wind as it speaks to you giving you the key to unlock the Mayan mysteries of ascension. At the foot of the giant inverse “T” is a round stone altar. I prayed before it stating, “I have come to pay homage to Pacal Voltan, whose name means “shield.” I honour Krishna, Buddha and Christ and those that preceded me. I have come to dedicate myself to this time of ascension on this planet. I am presenting myself here and dedicating myself to the job I have been called here in this incarnation to do. With the power invested in me I declare that I am ready and so it is”.  I placed Rainbow Joe on the stone altar, bowed to him and took his picture as he was witness to my declaration.  Encased in the center of the Temple of Inscriptions is the tomb of Lord Pacal Votan, the mightiest of Mayan rulers. Unfortunately the 80 ft. staircase descent to his tomb was closed and could only be visited out of body.

We then entered the tomb of the Pacal’s mother, Lady Zac-Kuk who had ruled before him as a king. Lady Zac-Kuk was seen as the first mother of gods and the mother of three central gods of Mayan religion. Serah carried Rainbow Joe for this feminine initiation. With our backs against the wall Miguel Angel led us in prayer to thank her for her presence and assistance, to forgive us for our transgressions against Mother Earth, to call on her for blessings and her power to assist us at this time, to receive us and welcome us as we came here to do ceremony. Pacal Votan became an ascended master, a time avatar who brought cosmic knowledge to the Maya. He and his wife ‘Urania-Venus” the Red Queen at Temple 13 during their sacred inner marriage of male and female attributes became one and both achieved self realization.

We climbed a series of stairs to the inner courtyard of The Palace where we were met by a Lacandon shaman with his opalescent life sized crystal skull called Kam Batz, after the monkey god who has a lot to say and is the maker of rain. The Shaman got his skull from his grandfather when he was 16. Translation in English was provided by Miguel Angel as he spoke. He said, “I came today because I had a dream three days ago when grandfather told him I was to come here with the crystal skull.” Miguel Angel had not been able to reach him on the cell phone to invite him. The Shaman stood in front of the west steps of the courtyard which is an altar. It was under repair so it was covered by plastic. Miguel told the shaman that another skull was present. He asked that I bring it to him. He greeted Rainbow Joe with a big smile, cupped him in his hands, raised Joe’s forehead to his third eye and kissed him on the top of his head. He then held Joe in his right hand and placed his left hand on top. The shaman asked me, “Are you humble?” I replied, “Yes I am.” He asked me to pick up the large skull which I held like he did. It was very heavy but felt very peaceful. I felt that the skull had never felt trauma in its life.

He told us Kam Batz is one of five ancient Mayan skulls found around Yaxchilan, and has been handed down through the family from generation to generation. He then asked, “How long have you had your crystal skull?”  I replied, “six months.” “What have you learned since you have had him?” I replied, “I have learned that my skull is open to the heavens and to the stars in the sky. It is like I have no top to my skull.” His reply, “You have learned all this in such a short time?” I explained that Rainbow Joe had met the Mitchell-Hedges skull that was found south east of here in Lubaanton, Belize. He greeted me and said I was from the star nation of the Pleiades. He said this is serious; I have earth healing work to do. My mind was in overload as he said something about it is time. I’m sure Rainbow Joe will remember and remind me what it is I need to re-member to do when it is the right time. He said, “You have a very special skull,” and I agreed. He said to me, “Take care of it.  It is you.”  Later he said to everyone, “He understands about crystal skulls.”

He asked others to bring their crystals and sacred objects forward to be placed with the two crystal skulls. Where we stood in the courtyard of the Palace of Palenque was where his father and his grandfather did ceremonies with the crystal skull. The Shaman believes that the twelve ancient skulls will be brought here to this courtyard in order to fulfill prophecy during these end times. My sense was that it was here that Pacal Votan and those rulers after him did ceremony. They were anointed or consecrated in preparation, after three days of fasting and bloodletting, to begin the trance necessary to make the inner vision quest journey in isolation into the Underworld of Xibalba, and then to be reborn from the mouth of the vision serpent three days later as the feathered serpent – Kukulcan the Christed one. These acts follow the creation mythology of the Maya and codify the sacred origin and charismatic obligations of kingly power.[1]

The Shaman now moved the ceremony to the center of the courtyard. He placed the two crystal skulls facing each other. Kam Batz faced the altar and Rainbow Joe had his back to it. He then selected each piece of jewellery or crystal and asked whose it was and then why it was important to the person. He then placed the piece in the center of the group circle in one of the four directions. Afterwards he asked each person to come forward who wanted to speak. Each faced the Shaman with Miguel in the west and Trudy in the east. Afterwards each person could hold the ancient crystal skull. He showed us how to hold it up to the sun so the sun could shine through with a blessing.

In the dream time the following was communicated: Rainbow Joe informed me he would like to be out of his carrying bag more often and would like to experience more full moon energy outside in the elements underneath the stars so he can download the celestial keys and codes. He said the inclusion in his skull was his feathered headdress. It is like a cosmic antenna that picks up the vibrational currents and energies of both the earth and the sky. He said that when each person holds him the correct colours of the rainbow will shine through to bless or heal them and that is why he is to be called Rainbow Joe. The snake staff that I purchased is a vision serpent coiled upon itself to form an ankh – the Egyptian symbol of eternal life, and is a carving of a yellow bearded snake. When placed close to the bed, the snake can be called on to assist with dreams.

Like the Sun, Pacal Votan came to this world to illuminate his Mayan people. According to Hunbatz Men, “He came from the dimension where the enlightened teachers are awaiting for the right moment to get reincarnated. It is there where the Universal Creator chooses the teacher who will come to fulfill the mission of guiding his people toward the cosmic light of wisdom so that once again the sacred human race can use that wisdom to complete its destiny of enlightenment… Pacal Votan taught his people the mystery of the 9 Bolon Ti K’u and the 13 Ox Lahun Ti K’u. He taught his Mayan people that the 9 Bolon Ti K’u are the Lords of the Night and their wisdom and power depend on the absence of light. Also he taught them that the 13 Ox Lahun Ti K’u are the Lords of the 13 dimensions; he used to say that every initiate should be aware of knowing these 13 dimensions because the explanations to all the existing mysteries in the world, either physically or non-physically, could be found there. In the Mayan lands, Pacal Votan used to teach the secrets of the K’ulthanlilni, better known today as Kundalini; in this way the priestly class knew and practiced the 7 powers in such the same way they were known in India. Pacal Votan also taught his Mayan people the handling of the 7 powers held in the human body and using the Mayan word “Chacla” he used to point out the parts of the initiates’ bodies where that great power, coming from the cosmic power, would flow out. http://www.13moon.com/pacal-avatar.htm

Day Four: Dec. 7 (Bonampak / Flores)

We departed by bus at 7:00 a.m. and stopped for breakfast along the way at Selva Perdido (Lost Jungle) and then further up the river to the site of Bonampak. This morning, we enter the Lacandón’s territory. They are the indigenous peoples of the Lacandon Rainforest. They refer to themselves as the Hach Winik, meaning True People in their language and until contact was made approximately 50 years ago, they had lived in relative seclusion. Today, although they number less than 1,000, their Elders continue to inspire the community with mythological stories, dream interpretations, rituals and agricultural principles that are purely Mayan. We are met by a beautiful young girl selling goods she holds on a stick. We traveled up the dirt road in an open air bus to the site of Bonampak, accompanied by two young boys – one in traditional white smock and the other with modern clothes and a baseball cap. I cannot take my eyes off the young boy traditionally dressed. The wisdom he carries in his youth is astounding. I believe he will become a shaman. He and his friend joined us in ceremony. Miguel placed a coloured handkerchief in each of the four directions. East was red, the direction of fire and birthing. South was yellow, the color of earth and our body. West was blue, the color of water and endings. North was white, the color of air and mind. Everyone placed their sacred objects in the center on the handkerchief. Serah placed a flower she had found beside Rainbow Joe. Copal was lit in an earthen chalice and then each person was smudged starting at the third eye then clockwise to our feet and then back up. We each were then poured a drink of berry, chocolate and honey into a cup. We all drank together and with the last drops being spilled on Mother Earth. An invocation was made asking the guardians, ancestors and ascended ones for permission to enter this sacred site, that we would do so safely and that we would learn what we were called here to do. The conch was blown three times in each direction starting with the east, then to Mother Earth and then to Father Sky.

As we entered the site there was a four to five meter tall stelae. It depicts the battles of the higher self over the ego. There are three levels depicted on the stelae – Spirit, the realm of the ancestors and gods, the body realm in which we dwell, and the Underworld of the Dark Lords that battle for control of our lives and when slain it is the death of the ego the true enemy within. The enemies we call to ourselves in the outer world are our outer mirror reflection of our own inner ego fears of being slain, but we cannot truly die if our Spirits are already immortal. The Atlantian or masculine goal was to overcome or conquer our inner and outer natures, and war one with another. This is the tragic flaw we have inherited from our ancestors. Our Lemurian or feminine roots know that there is no separation of self from other. We are all one.  Above his head is the Jaguar (Balam) that devours the ego, guides one on vision quests, and leaves one with the scar marks of wisdom. The staff he holds represents will power that activates his Kundalini, which are represented behind the head by two jade strips signifying the Ida and the Pingala. Behind him is Chak, the god of rain, the bringing of new life.

On the next stelae are three figures. A woman on the right who is bloodletting, and another woman on the left with a knife for pricking the hand, with blood dripping down into the offering plate, and in the center a man with an offering bowl of blood soaked paper mixed and burnt with copal as a sacrificial offering to the gods to guide him on a vision quest. Mayan means chosen one, the people of the serpent from the Pleiades constellation. In his hand is a bag with a snake whose tail rattles and hisses. Around the neck is a necklace of three heads worn by initiates that overcome the separation of the past, present and future.

The silence is broken by monkeys howling in the jungle canopy.

Another stelae shows the opening of the third eye chakra. The standing man holds a bag of copal in his left hand to burn with the paper soaked with blood. In his right hand is an instrument which could be acoustic or energetic that he is using to open the pineal chakra of the man who is kneeling.

Bonampak is renowned for its highly detailed murals that tell the history of the people who lived there. Bonampak means ‘painted walls’ and within the ornamental frescoes, we learned about their symbolism, as well as their stories of battle, sacrifice and celebration. The paints of the murals used the five traditional Mayan colors white, black, red, blue and yellow which were made from vegetables and plant materials. The blue background which represents daylight is made from the eggs of a certain bird and the fine powder penetrates the stucco on the wall and its brilliance shines through the centuries.  A purple sky indicates night time.

We climbed to the top of the pyramid where there were six chambers. All the chambers were full, so I walked to the one farthest to the right. I took Rainbow Joe out and leaned against the chamber and meditated. I then took a picture of him sitting on the edge of the chamber. The three chambers had basalt pillars in the center that one could sit on and tone. I sat on one and toned. I then placed Rainbow Joe on one of the pillars and his whole being lit up. His eyes glowed and there was light in his third eye and his crown chakra. Rainbow Joe had become a fully activated skull, and said, ‘Do you now believe I am alive?’  There was no doubt in my mind. I had the young Lacandon boy hold Rainbow Joe in his hands for a picture. He called his brother over to see the skull. The howler monkeys were growling in the jungle as we were on the same level as the top of the jungle. To the right a tall tree was festooned with hanging woven birds’ nests. Three of us took our turn to enter one of the sound chambers. Evon faced the right hand wall, Helen the left wall and I the back wall. Eric instructed us to chant K’in, the Sun, seven times, with the tongue placed on the roof of the mouth. The resonance in the chamber was quite high and exquisite. The chamber’s roof was a stepped arch so that each ascending toned note resonated in the appropriate arch. It was time to depart and it took some grounding to descend the pyramid steps.

After lunch, we return to overnight in Palenque. We attended Richard’s evening lecture on The Mayan Calendar and Celestial Alignments.

Our journey now took us across the Usumacinta River, border between Mexico and Guatemala, to Bethel in Guatemala. It is about a three hour drive from here to Flores where we spend the next three nights as our base to visit Tikal. We reached the hotel in time for dinner and to enjoy a free evening in the beautiful Guatemalan town of Flores.

Day Five: Dec. 8 (Tikal, Guatemala)

Led by Miguel Angel we participated in ceremony/meditation at the mother Ceiba Tree, the tree of life that connects Mother Earth to Father Sky and asked to be connected with the energy of the sacred Maya site of Tikal. We connected to the earth by imagining we had jaguar claws that dug into the earth, and that we ourselves were a tree of life. When the Kundalini energy is fully activated in our spines we connect sky and earth in our hearts and experience heaven here on earth. We joined hands with each other like a link, claw to claw with thumbs up and touching to form a pyramid shape. One said, ‘In Lak’ech’ (I am you) while placing the linked hands to the others heart. The other replied by saying ‘A’Lak’in’ (You are me) and touched the joined hands to the other’s heart and then to their third eye and back to one’s own third eye, connecting heaven with earth. The conch was sounded three times to the four directions. We raised our hands to the heavens and then to the earth at our feet. We placed our linked hands behind our heads aligning our pineal, pituitary and mouth of god with our spinal column as we tilted our heads backwards so the energy from Father Sky ran to the earth and the earth energy ran up to meet Father Sky. We were each given a crystal to bury under the tree to use as our psychic internet connection to bring us back to this portal whenever we chose to connect with the energy of Tikal.

Tikal, like many other Maya sites, was a center for astronomy and the keeping of sacred calendars that marked not time, but the evolution of consciousness. The stelae here offer fantastic insights into the cosmology of the Maya and the entry into the dark-rift (Galactic Mother) for the purpose of rebirth and the new coming-forth of the ages. Miguel Angel said that one of the stelaes on the west side of the Great Plaza held the key to unlock the door to the underground city of Tikal, and we should see if we could determine which one it was. Serah and I felt attached to one stelae that had the story of the turtle on it. It seemed to me stronger in vibration than the others. I climbed the west side of the Great Plaza by myself as Serah climbed the feminine temple. On the way, under a thatched roof, I meet the ancient god Itzamna. He was the most intense god I met on this sacred journey. He ripped open my heart chakra. He is very ancient as the new pyramid was built around him. He is an ascended being, the Maya Wisdom’s Father, creator of life and holder of wisdom. Above his head is a pyramid that connects his open crown, pineal and pituitary chakras. He has big ears to catch the sounds of the universe. In his right ear is a Toucan bird, a rainbow wisdom carrier. He is imbued with the Holy Spirit of God. His big ears are attuned to the sounds of the universe. He receives and gives the breath of life through his nose. He is a god and we are all gods in potential.

Ceremony was held at the fire pit of the Great Plaza. Shamans have been granted permission by Guatemalan government decree to be able to conduct ceremony at this sacred site. The Great Plaza was quite noisy as Miguel Angel prepared for ceremony. He laid a circle mound of crumbled chocolate and cookies round the center of the fire pit and then with white candles made a wheel with four spokes. An altar of red cloth was created to one side of the fire on which everyone placed their sacred objects. The offerings and participants were smudged with copal incense called “Pom” in the Maya Language. The sacred incense symbolizes god’s thought and is used in ceremonies, rituals, and healing. It opens the atmosphere to allow the manifestation of the Christ-Consciousness. It is the sap of the Pom tree, the incense of the sky. The fire was lit, the conch was sounded three times in each direction to Grandmother Earth and Father Sky and suddenly the crowd quieted down. Some children joined us in the ceremony. We each took a handful of crumbled cookies and chocolate, made an offering and threw it on the fire.

We then proceeded to The Temple of Initiation. We each asked permission and made an offering before we entered. Each person chose a cell to meditate in. Tim chose to sit under the large tree in the central courtyard. The cells I was attracted to were already occupied so I chose one that no longer had a roof and was open to the sky. I spread my cloth and lay on my back. My legs were at right angles to the rest of my body. I was in the sacred sacrificial position to open the heart chakra. I closed my eyes and meditated. The surroundings became dead quiet, not a sound anywhere as if time itself were suspended. I greeted and gave thanks to all those that had meditated here before me. I thanked all the avatars, ancestors and ascended ones that had preceded my time on earth. I called on the ancient ones, the archangels, the forerunners, the elementals, the Order of Melchizedek, the thirteen star nations that seeded this planet. I asked them to return to assist with the ascension of this planet. I stated that now was the time. I was shown the three cities of Tikal; the underground city, the city on the third dimension, and the third, a city of light which is in the fifth dimension and higher. I was told that each level: the Esoteric, inner; the Mesoteric, middle; and the Endoteric, outer, can be accessed by the appropriate ceremony meditation and toning.

Day Six: Dec. 9 (Tikal)

We again returned to Tikal. On the path to the temple complex we stopped to hear the cicada singing in the jungle. They were announcing our arrival. A shaman from the Order of Melchezidek was to meet us here, but if he did arrive it was in the astral. We passed The Temple of the Lost World where three little girls were appropriately playing hide and seek in the ruins. We came to the Venus Platform with the cosmic butterfly carved on its walls. All the Mayan temples are oriented 17 degrees north east of the true north south axis. We climbed up the Venus Platform to do ceremony. All Maya Venus temples are used to connect with the star beings. In Egypt Isis is connected with Venus. First we grounded and felt our jaguar claws digging into the earth. We then sat in a circle. I placed Rainbow Joe in front of me with my hand cupped over top of his crown chakra. Miguel used a stick on the edge of the Tibetan bell sounding it like a Tibetan bowl. We chanted Ohm seven times and invoked Gunabel, an off world  healer astronomer; by chanting her name seven times we asked her to come and help connect us with our space brethren. Miguel Angel called on the ascended masters, the White Brotherhood, the avatars, the star nations, and the ascended ones to be present. Richard said he could feel that the space ships had arrived. I asked for them to assist with the ascension of humanity and the planet. I asked that their energies be downloaded into Rainbow Joe so he could assist others heal themselves in preparation for their ascension.

The place vibrated with verdant green, the vibration of the Quetzal bird; a crystal skull portal between worlds opened and connected us to the thirteen star nations. The Australian lady, Karen Stuart, first met the Quetzal bird thirteen years ago in a vision and it had guided her here to this point in time. The Quetzal bird cannot live in captivity or be confined to a cage as it dies. According to legend, the Quetzal arose from the ashes of the great founder of the Toltec civilization, Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan, who started the cultivation of maize and the study of time and the stars. As Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl transcended earth, flames of glory like a shooting star departed for Venus which the Maya believe is another sun. When I opened my eyes after the meditation I saw myself reflected in the crown chakra of Rainbow Joe. On the side of the temple were the claw prints of a jaguar in which you could place your fingers and feel as if you had jaguar claws.

Along the jungle path we stopped at the guardian tree and in the distance through the canopy we saw the Jaguar Serpent temple, and then came to the tallest temple of the Tikal complex. The temple was still covered by jungle and debris. We climbed a long wooden ladder to the top and emerged out of the jungle canopy to see the Great Plaza in the far distance. Here and there we could see the tops of other pyramids jutting through the jungle canopy. There are over 1,000 temples in the Tikal complex, most of which have neither been unearthed let alone restored. The clouds gathered on the horizon and we were baptized by rain. The chamber at the top of the pyramid was being repaired and was inaccessible. Miguel Angel said that he and his teacher had spent a night there doing ceremony. I asked if the chambers were used for vision quests. He said there is no record of them being used that way. However, I had an intuitive feeling that shaman in training did three vision quests, one underground for which they fasted for three days and three nights, another three days and three nights in one of the many cells created for that purpose and three days and three nights high above the jungle. Each pyramid had its own main guardian spirit that one must obtain permission from in ceremony before being allowed to proceed with the vision quest and commune with the ancestors.

To descend into the Underworld one is walled up for three days and three nights with no food; to deal with one’s inner fear of the awesome power of the Lords of The Dark that inhabit the Underworld, to do battle with them; to win you have to trick them like the sacred twins before you, so you too could escape alive back into the light of day. For another three days and nights of fasting you struggled with the forces of good and evil (known and unknown, light and dark) on the earthly plane and if you survived and were judged worthy you climbed the temple stairs into the realm of the gods to merge with them in sacred ceremony. A similar path must be taken by every pilgrim in order to become en-light-ed or full of light.

After descending the stairway we walked back to the Great Plaza and Miguel Angel asked us which stone stelae we thought was the key to unlock the door to the underground city of Tikal. Everyone had chosen a different one. Miguel explained that the nine stelaes on the west side of the Great Plaza are the nine notes of the Maya musical scale that when sounded or toned correctly open a portal to the underground-Underworld city of Tikal. Miguel was able to visit this underground city with his teacher. He reports that the city has vast murals and carvings in good condition. This area is now walled up and closed to the public. The second level of Tikal is the surface, a 1,000 temple complex.

I intuit that if these nine tonal keys are sounded or toned correctly the thirteen portals of a crystal skull or even our own skulls will open. In this manner we would become attuned to the music of the spheres and have access to all space, time and dimensions throughout creation. We will then be able to create new worlds ourselves as the creator gods that we are.

Day Seven: Dec. 10 (Flores to Frontera Corozal)

After breakfast we had the morning free to explore the town of Flores and do some shopping. Our bus left at noon to take us back to Mexico. We took the same bumpy road back to the border crossing at the Usumacinta River and crossed to Frontera Corozal in Mexico to be greeted by howler monkeys growling in the jungle. Storm clouds gathered and then it poured as we made our way to dinner at the river side Hotel Escudo Jaguar.

Day Eight: Dec. 11 (Yaxchilan to Palenque)

This morning we take a boat up the Usumacinta River which is the serpent energy that carries you into the vision world. The water is the mirror like a crystal skull and reflects back who you really are with no ego. We are on the way to the isolated site of Yaxchilan located in the jungle on the banks of the river. Yax is the deep green color that appears from the dry parched landscape with the coming of the tropical rains of May and June. Here we made an offering of herbs before entering a coffin shaped portal door to the temple complex, the Bat Cave – Sotz, and were greeted by the sound ‘tz’ which bats make. There were bats hanging from the walls and ceilings. We had entered the darkness of death in order to be reborn. Or, as Krishnamurti said, “Unless you are prepared to die in this moment you are not yet fully alive.” Entering the passage you walk five or six steps then you make a 90 degree turn to the right, walk five or six more steps and make another 90 degree to the left, then a few more steps, and  then up four stairs and out into the courtyard. This symbolizes the 90 degree phase shifts in ordinary consciousness that we need to make in our ascent into sacred space. Yaxchilan means the First City of the Mayan Prophets. We walked through the complex to the north side of the plaza where Miguel Angel prepares to lead us in ceremony. First we receive lavender oil in the palm of our outstretched hand. Males receive in the right and females in the left. The oil is rubbed together in our palms, then rubbed on our third eye and then through the scalp. Four handkerchiefs were placed in the four directions and a coconut cup of water was placed in each direction. Our sacred objects were then placed on the handkerchiefs. The copal was lit and the altar was blessed and then each person was smudged starting in the east and moving clockwise around the circle. We were each given a drink of water from the coconut shell that was first offered to the sky and with the last drops being offered to Mother Earth. Miguel then drummed and we toned invoking the ancestors. The sacred feminine invocation was made. We called on the blessed mother Ix’chel, and Sacrado Femenino (Sacred Feminine), Ix’Mukane, Maria, Shakti, A la Benita Madra Ix’chel. Ix’Mukane, the eternal feminine; as above so below. She is the primordial force that sustains the gods and men. Ix’chel (the Mother of the Light or Mother Nature) and Ix’Mukane (the Heart of the Earth or the Center of the Earth where the energies of our planet converge and where transformation occurs). As the chanting and drumming increased I found myself dancing in place to an ancient rhythm. Right foot up, all the weight on the left foot and then left foot up with all the weight on the right foot. All the rainbow colors started filling the space, my third eye and my inner being. This was the initiation of Kukulcan the rainbow serpent. This was the initiation I had come so far to experience. The monkeys came from the jungle called by the drum to participate in the ritual.

We visited each of the monolithic carved stelae in turn making an offering of grains, which I am sure the monkeys enjoyed later. We meet Lord Chuac, he whose name is whispered with each in and out breath. Under his chin is the sun. After three days of fasting and ceremony he is making a blood offering. His blood soaked paper mixed with copal and burned in an offering bowl, to give of one’s life essence, the lower part of one’s self, as a sacrificial vision offering for the birth of the new Christed being out the back of his being. Yaxchilan is one of the great sites from the Classic Mayan period (250-900AD) and the last holdout of the Mayan culture before being conquered by the Spaniards and being reabsorbed back into the jungle.

There are many theories as to why the Mayan culture disappeared or fell from greatness. Some say war, loss of respect for kingship, drought, catastrophe, etc. I believe the majority of the Mayan culture ascended en mass. They took the Venus transit by way of the Milky Way Bridge back to the Pleiades, their original star birth place.

We climbed the central staircase to the upper temple. We were met by a being with a feathered headdress which connects him to star beings and other realities. His masculine right leg is tucked under and his feminine left leg is grounded to Mother Earth. On both sides of him are friezes in a checker board pattern. It is seven rows high and each of the opposite squares is open to the sky. It was used to track the movement of stars in the night sky. It also is a giant sound instrument that is played by “Ik” the wind god. Inside a Lacandon, a Buddha like being with no head sits in the lotus position. In the next alcove is his head. Legend is that when the head and the body are one again it will be the end of the world. Richard suggested that I stand half way between the body and the head. The energy was rushing back and forth from the body to the head and back from the head to the body. Unless our bodies and our heads are aligned as one, we cannot ascend and become one with the universe. In front there is a stalactite thrust into a depression in the ground called the navel of Mother Earth. It acts like a giant acupuncture needle. If you place your forehead on the stone it feels as if you are being pulled into the centre of the earth. Eva Marie suggested that Rainbow Joe would like to experience this energy. So out he came and she took him and placed him against the needle. One part of the needle is like a pregnant mother. I offered Rainbow Joe to Miguel Angel who in turn held him against the stalactite and Rainbow Joe was rebirthed by the pregnant mother energy as Serpent Rainbow Joe. We overnight in Palenque.

Day Nine: Dec. 12 (Palenque to Villahermosa)

Palenque or Nah Chen Kann means House of the Serpent. We follow our guide through the jungles of Palenque which stretches 1 ½ kilometres from east to west with 540 structures, and 1 ½ kilometres from north to south with 1,453 structures. Twenty six structures have been released from the jungle, opened and restored. Ninety eight percent of the Palenque site is still buried beneath the jungle. It takes fifteen years to restore a temple, so there is much more work to do. The trail passed through the center of the site so we were walking over the tops of these ruins and the heads of our Mayan ancestors. We saw a granary carved into a large stone, and a large communal oven. Around was the ancient village site. Shards of pottery were everywhere exposed by the recent rains. Even some obsidian shards were found.

We came to the sacred spring, La Ka Ma. Its headwaters were protected by a huge stone cover. Here we cleansed the impurities from our chakras with water we scooped from the spring. Serpent Rainbow Joe was placed in the water, and his aura made the flowing water around him electric purple mauve. It was amazing. Some understood and wanted to hold him in their hands to experience his energy.

We then rejoined the trail to the Forgotten Temple, hidden deep in the middle of the jungle. Here we will be led by Miguel Angel in our closing ceremony as we connected with our inner spirit to the greater spirit. Ivonne Planke sang the closing song she had written:

Sacred smile from the fire

Sacred fire in my heart

Sacred heart of the earth


Sacred stars in the sky

Sacred sky holds the stars

Sacred sun beating down

Sky and earth are one


Sacred chirping of the crickets

Sacred howling of the wolf

Sacred singing of the trees

Sacred spirits of the earth


All around me is holy if I have heart to see.

Spirit pulsing in creation

Spirit pulsing in me.

I am one with the universe swirling light

I am one with the dawn of day and the cloak of night.

In this way, we closed this part of our spiritual journey as the clarity of our path is brought to heart, and as we carry this consciousness into the future, I am reminded of the words on the back of Eric’s T-shirt:

You are the stars, the trees, the sky and the ocean.

You are not separate.

The last words of the Buddha:

Samma Sati – You are a Buddha.

That afternoon we traveled to Villahermosa where we had our farewell dinner and spent the night.

Day Ten: Dec. 13 (Departure)

Today we depart for Villahermosa airport to take our flight home.

The goal of this sacred journey was to become Kukulcan the feathered serpent. This is a process to re-member that only through the purification of the ego and desire body can I anchor and restore more of my cosmic self.

En-light-en-ment is not a state of mind; it is a state of being, for we are all creator gods.


Paradise Point, B.C. 2008-01-22

Editing by Alaria K Baes:

Sacred Journey arranged by: http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/


[1]    Scheele, Linda and David Freidel, A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya., William Morrow and Co. Inc., 1990 p.244

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